The Sad Evolution of ESPN Over The Years

Calvin Freiburger writes that if there was any doubt that ESPN set a new benchmark for peak PC insanity, this should end it.

As TFPP reported, the sports network pulled Asian-American sports announcer Robert Lee from doing a University of Virginia football game solely on the basis of the 100% coincidence that he shares the name of the famous Confederate general.

It was a story so insane and so idiotic that we wouldn’t believe it if the announcement hadn’t come from ESPN themselves. And apparently, this was the first left-wing move in recorded history to be too stupid for Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to stomach.

Are pigs flying? Possibly. Townhall reports:

The issue may have hit close to home for Rep. Lee, who also has the same last name as the Confederate general.

Rep. Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, is no stranger to ESPN’s concerns, having addressed race issues herself following the Charlottesville rally. Rep. Lee spoke out prominently against racism in the aftermath of the violence, accusing the president of normalizing neo-Nazis and the KKK. She has advocated in the past for restricting the display of the Confederate flag on federal land.

On top of all that, this would be the same Sheila Jackson Lee who wanted to impeach George W. Bush without cause and then lied about it, slandered Jeff Sessions as an enemy of civil rights, and routinely makes a fool out of herself when talking about guns.

So it’s not as if she has any particularly strong discernment skills for a Democrat. In fact, she’s probably a good deal dumber than the average liberal. Yet even she could see that no rational person would have a problem with sportscaster Robert Lee over his name.

Sorry, CNN, but you done goofed. Big-time. Any bright ideas to get out of this one?