The Sad Evolution of Independence Day Fireworks Shows [Cartoon]

Robert Gehl reports this Independence Day is not going to be a particularly pleasant one for Republicans, if leftist anarchists have anything to say about it.

Groups like MoveOn, Our Revolution, Indivisible, and CREDO are planning so-called “peaceful” protests at senators’ offices, town hall meetings, and anywhere else that they might congregate.

There’s even plans to storm festivities and events during the Fourth of July that they think might have Republican lawmakers, The Daily Beast reports.

“Republican senators have demonstrated that their number one goal in health care reform is avoiding any public interaction with their constituents,” Ben Wikler, the Washington director for the political advocacy group MoveOn said.

Activists plan to march along parade routes during Independence Day celebrations and weasel their way into other public appearances in their respective home states. Their goal is to destroy any attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“The line that these senators need to draw is that they won’t vote for any bill that will throw people off their coverage,” Wikler said. “That’s why a bill that is essentially giant cuts to Medicaid to fund tax cuts for the wealthy is flawed to its core.”

So far, only two Republicans have scheduled town hall meetings during the long holiday recess – Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Kansas’ Jerry Moran. But the groups are targeting many more: Susan Collins, Rob Portman, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee and Shelley More Capito – all of whom have said they’re currently “no” votes on the health care bill.

Just a day after the planned attendance at local parades, Wikler told The Daily Beast, Health Care For America Now, a grassroots political organization, will also hold a day of action on the 5th to bring further attention to the issue. Details of the day are still coming together.

The Beast says that this is the leftists’ last chance to thwart any effort to stop the Republicans.

If they are not able to maintain momentum, flooding congressional offices with thousands of calls, staging protests and even personally pleading with senators, McConnell can return to his backroom dealings and make Obamacare repeal a reality.

Let’s hope they can stand strong (and actually get a real repeal bill presented).