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Robert Gehl writes that rather than forking over money to Amazon, here’s your chance to get a little dough from them.

The online behemoth is offering millions in refunds for those in-app purchases your children may have made.

The Federal Trade Commission announced that refunds will be made available for parents whose children made the purchases without their knowledge or consent.

The purchases – which didn’t require a password to go through – included upgrades to existing mobile games. The cost ranged from 99 cents to $99.

You’re eligible for a refund if the purchase was made between November 2011 and May 2016, Alabama Live reports.

You’ll know your eligible if you received an email from Amazon last Friday with instructions on requesting a refund. If you didn’t get an email and still think you qualify, you can go here. After you log in, it will notify you if any purchases were made on your account in that time.

You can also call 1-866-216-1072 for questions. The deadline to apply for the refund is May 26, 2018.

The refund order comes after a court ruled that Amazon wasn’t doing enough to ensure that the in-app purchases had parental approval and that the account “setup” made it too easy for kids to make purchases while playing free games.

All told, Amazon collected more than $86 million in unauthorized in-app purchases.

“How Amazon chose to set up the payment process meant that kids could incur charges without their parents’ knowledge,” the FTC said in a blog post.

“The result: With just a click or two, kids could place charges on their parents’ accounts without approval.  Moms and Dads were shocked to find out that every click added a charge of between 99 cents and $99 to their credit cards.”