The Strange Thing We Still Can’t Believe About CNN [Cartoon]

Robert Gehl reports President Donald Trump took his attacks against the “fake media” to a whole new level.

Sunday morning, Trump tweeted a doctored video showing him “attacking” CNN during a professional wrestling event.

The video is taken from a real event where then-businessman Trump – who is a fan of professional wrestling – facetiously attacked WWE Executive Vince McMahon.

But the video shows the logo of CNN over McMahon’s face. Take a look:

Response was swift from the Twitter-verse:

There were many critics:

But one tweeter responded for many:

Trump isn’t letting up on the mainstream media. On Saturday, he tweeted that he was changing his hashtag of #FakeNews to #FraudNewsCNN.

When critics said that Trump’s tweets weren’t “presidential,” the President responded:

“My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL,” he said. “Make America Great Again!”