UH OH: What Donna Brazile is TERRIFIED Of At The Moment

Donna Brazile has a lot of revelations in her new book, Hacks.

Perhaps most amazing is the reaction from Hillary Clinton when the former DNC chairwoman had a chance to speak with her after her election defeat.

The employee of the Democratic National Committee – who was one of Brazile’s underlings when she headed the DNC – was mysteriously murdered in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. in July 2016. The shooting is still under investigation and has spawned many conspiracies about his death.

I felt some responsibility for Seth Rich’s death. I didn’t bring him into the DNC, but I helped keep him there working on voting rights. With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder. Besides that, racial tensions were high that summer and I worried that he was murdered for being white on the wrong side of town. [My friend] Elaine expressed her doubts about that, and I heard her. The FBI said that they did not see any Russian fingerprints there.

Brazile was haunted by Seth Rich’s murder. She was worried that his death was anything but a robbery gone wrong. She insisted she had a “spook” inside the intelligence community who insisted that because of Rich’s murder, she needed protection for herself.

Her concern was so great, she brought it up during her one and only conversation with Hillary Clinton after her loss in November. Hillary’s reaction was telling: She cut the conversation short and said she “really had to go.”

She just hung up.

Brazile simply wanted some of Clinton’s money to go toward the reward to find Rich’s murderer.

I knew the campaign had over $3 million set aside in a legal fund. Could she help me get this lawsuit started? And don’t forget the murder of Seth Rich, I told her. Did she want to contribute to Seth’s reward fund? We still hadn’t found the person responsible for the tragic murder of this bright young DNC staffer.

You’re right, she said. We’re going to get to that. But she really had to go. She had made the call and checked it off
her list, and I accepted after we said our good-byes that I might never hear from her again.

The reward is there, over $500,000, but Hillary Clinton’s campaign hasn’t donated to it.

While they do not believe Seth Rich was killed by a hired assassin, a group of graduate students investigating the murder concluded that Rich’s murder was not a random homicide or a robbery gone bad. Something else seems to be at play here.

They believe he was killed by a serial murderer, that there is additional footage of the crime and that Rich’s killer “most likely remains free within the community,” still out on the loose over a year later.

It’s rather concerning to find out that Hillary so callously cut the conversation short, as if she did not care that a member of the DNC was just murdered.

Was she really that busy? What she not interested in helping find the killer? Or is there more that she knows? What do you think? Sound off below!

H/T: DC Whispers