What Dems Look Like After Trump’s Speech Summed Up By One Cartoon

dems after trump speech

C.E. Dyer reports that Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh laid out a brilliant case for why the Democrat Party is collapsing, one of the most profound parts of which centered on the victim mentality of the left that inherently stops them from being successful.

Rush began his deconstruction of the Democrats’ mess with a discussion about the media and how badly they have missed the mark:

The success of the Clintons and the success of Obama and the media reporting on those two families with adulation and unopposed love has created an illusion among average, ordinary American leftists and Democrats that they were a growing and burgeoning majority and that everybody other than a select few really screwball right-wingers agreed with them.

They have been lied to by the media. They have been misrepresented by the media. The Clintons, it turns out that there wasn’t all this personal adulation for Bill Clinton and none for Hillary. It turns out that the adulation for Barack Obama had more to do with his race and the historical component of his election than it was to do with his policies, which were the transformation of America.

Rush went on to explain how the media has lied about the support for the left, or better yet the lack thereof, and how with Obama’s moves to the left and further away from what America was founded upon, support dwindled and opposition strengthened.

He then went on to tackle the Democrats’ lack of a plan for the future and their descent into hate:

Go look at what Martin Luther King said about hate. You can’t sustain it. And you can’t successfully build anything positive out of hate. You can’t grow it. You cannot effect things in an uplifting, positive way via hate. And they are the biggest hate group in the country today, the Democrat Party and its acolytes. And not only are they filled with people that hate, they’re literally overflowing with genuinely deranged and unhinged — I mean this in a clinical sense — people.

Another brilliant comparison Rush made was the way the left seems to think that their marches and organizing now are similar to what the Tea Party was and as he pointed out, they couldn’t be more wrong:

The Tea Party was not rooted in hate. The Tea Party was not even a political movement when it started. It was average, ordinary Americans from the grassroots that had never been in politics before fed up with what the political system was doing.

Rush then took on the victim status the Democrat Party has adopted:

When you’re a victim, when you allow yourself to be a victim, when you personally proclaim you’re a victim, you cannot succeed. You cannot be happy. When you are a victim, you are forever at the whim of other people. You can never be in control of your own life. If you choose to be a victim, and most of these leftists are choosing to be victims, if you choose that, you are choosing losing status. And you become dependent on representatives to address the grievances that you think that you have and face as a victim.

But as a victim, you’re giving away all power that you might think you have […]

And if you get right down to it, that’s what the Democrat Party has become. The American left and the Democrat Party have become victims of America.

I’d say that sums up the mess the Democrats have created for themselves incredibly well. We’ll see if they’ve hit rock bottom yet or if they are going to continue plunging further and further — my guess is the latter. They are hell-bent on pushing their radical agenda, and since there is no logical or fact-based defense for it, they are going to keep on trying to shove this hateful, victim-obsessed strategy down our throats.

And if they do, hopefully more Americans continue to wake up to it and rebuke it as we saw in the 2016 elections.