What ‘Justice is Blind’ Means to Democrats Summed Up by One Cartoon

justice blind

C.E. Dyer reports that as the votes began Monday to move, or not, Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination through to the full Senate, it became clear that the Democrats may force the nuclear option.

Votes from the Senate Judiciary Committee poured in on Monday with Democrat after Democrat deciding to vote no on Gorsuch.

Fox News’ live blog detailed some of the no votes from Democrats.

After the Senate decided to work through lunch, Democrat Sen. Klobuchar got her turn to vote: “Klobuchar says she is not voting for Gorsuch, and cites his ‘ideological decisions on key cases.'”

Fox News reported:

Senate Democrats have enough votes to filibuster the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, increasing the odds that majority Republicans will deploy the so-called “nuclear option” to get him confirmed.

Several senators announced their opposition to Gorsuch on Monday ahead of a Senate Judiciary Committee vote. The new Gorsuch foes bring the number of Democrats willing to block his nomination to 40 – the number needed to prevent the Senate from ending debate and advancing to a final vote.

Among the latest to come out against Gorsuch were Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, as well as Sens. Patrick Leahy, of Vermont, and Mark Warner, of Virginia.

“Despite his impressive academic credentials, Judge Gorsuch’s record and evasive responses – even refusing to answer questions regarding his views of cases like Roe v. Wade and Citizens United – do not give me confidence that he possesses a judicial philosophy that will serve the American public well,” a statement from Warner read.

The Republicans may have to decide whether or not to deploy the much talked about “nuclear option,” to confirm Gorsuch — an option famously used during the Obama administration by then Sen. Harry Reid to push through Obama nominees.

Fox News reported that “Republican leaders, however, have a way out – they can trigger what’s known as the nuclear option, by changing Senate precedent to advance to a final vote with the support of just 51 senators, as opposed to 60.”

Not every Democrat wants to see it get to that point, however.

In a statement, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet noted: “Using the filibuster and nuclear option at this moment takes us in the wrong direction … I will oppose efforts to filibuster the nomination, and strongly encourage my colleagues not to use the nuclear option.”

Given the mounting Democrat support for a filibuster, it has become more and more likely that we could see the nuclear option triggered this week as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that Gorsuch will be confirmed.