What the Media’s Russia Story Now Looks Like [Cartoon]

They can’t let it go. Robert Gehl reports that Democrats are paranoid, conspiracy-minded, and will believe practically anything they hear.

That’s the takeaway from a new poll by The Economist that shows more than half of all Democrats believe Russians actually tampered with vote tallies to swing the 2016 vote for President Donald Trump.

The poll, taken May 13-16, asked 1,500 Americans their opinions of conspiracy theories regarding the November election.

When asked if they believe that “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President,” 35 percent of all American adults responded it is “probably” or “definitely” true, while 65 percent of all Americans said it is either “probably” or “definitely” false.

For Democrats, however, the numbers were quite different.

The poll found 55 percent of Democrats responded they think Russia either “definitely” (23 percent) or “probably” (32 percent) tampered with the vote tallies in the election.

Among Hillary Clinton voters, the results were the same. 53 percent of them thought Russia tampered with the election, while 45 percent said it was “probably” or “definitely” not true.

Believe it or not, the conspiracy theory is becoming more popular, not less. The number of Democrats who believe the Russians tampered with the vote tallies is slightly up from when the question was asked in Dec. 17-20 2016. At the time, only 52 percent of Democrats responded they thought the Russians tampered with the vote tally, as well as 50 percent of Clinton voters.

For the record, both the FBI and the National Security Agency have said on the record that there is no evidence of Russia changing any votes in any states to give Trump the election.

The poll’s margin of error is plus-or-minus 3.2 percentage points.