Why Democrats’ Response to Trump’s Proposals Are So Pathetic [CARTOON]

pathetic dem response

Robert Gehl reports that in a pointed tweet to the Trump administration, Democrat Sen. Clair McCaskill (Missouri) criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for apparently meeting with Russian Ambassador during the 2016 election.

Sessions said it was nothing unusual, that he met with the ambassador in his position on the Armed Services Committee.

McCaskill tweeted:

I’ve been on the Armed Services Com for 10 years,” she wrote. “No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com.”

But perhaps the dear Senator forgot about this meeting she so proudly tweeted about in 2013:

“Off to meeting w/Russian Ambassador,” she wrote. “Upset about the arbitrary/cruel decision to end all US adoptions, even those in process.”

Or maybe this one in 2015?

“Today calls with British, Russian, and German Ambassadors re: Iran deal,” she wrote. She even had the hashtag “#doingmyhomework.”

Well, it looks like McCaskill doesn’t do her homework after all.

The legendary Charles C.W. Cooke was one of the first to notice this:

Epic fail!