Arrest Warrant Issued for Husband of Dem State Senator for Doing THIS

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On Wednesday, GOP campaign volunteers set up a camera in Middleton, DE where dozens of their campaign signs were disappearing. Caught red-handed on their tape was Dana Arm Long, the husband of Delaware state Senator Bethany Hall-Long, stealing the signs, some of which read “Fix the Economy! Vote Republican.”

“We got you, brother! We got the license plate, your face, and everything,” one of the GOP volunteers says in the video.

Watch the video:

Via Delaware Online:

Middletown Police have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, for allegedly stealing roadway campaign signs left by Republicans

An investigation revealed that on Sunday, 28 signs were placed on Middletown Odessa Road at Silver Lake Road, and on the 700 block of Middletown Odessa Road, police said.

They were discovered missing on Monday, replaced, and once again removed. After the campaign signs were replaced a second time, campaign volunteers staked out the spot where the thefts were occurring during early morning hours on Wednesday.

Middletown Police said the campaign officials observed “a vehicle pull off the roadway in front of the signs. An individual exited his vehicle and began removing the signs.”

The charge is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in prison and a fine up to $2,300, including restitution and other conditions set by the court.

It seems when the going gets tough for the democrats, they resort to illegal activities to secure their vote. Here we have the husband of a state senator committing theft and in Colorado there is an investigation of out right voter fraud where democrats are disguising themselves as Boulder County republican election judges.

What is mind-boggling is that there is not more of a public outcry. Can you imagine if a husband of a Republican state senator had been caught stealing signs? What do you think?

H/T: The Blaze