Bob Woodward Reveals The Truth About Obama and The Democrats

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Bob Woodward, famed Washington Post writer, came out on Face the Nation this morning and laid it all on the line where President Obama and the democrats are concerned. According to Woodward, Democrats dislike Obama as much as Republicans do, they just say it in private.

Host Bob Schiffer asked about Obama’s relations with Democrat Senators, stating they “may be as bad as his relations with the Republicans.”

Woodward responded, “That’s absolutely true. You get the Democrats in private, and they are on fire! Because he won’t spend the time, because he won’t listen.”

It is unfortunate that the Democrats feel the need to be secretive about their feelings toward Obama. Maybe if they were a little more vocal, there would be a chance for some progress.

Remarkably, he went on to agree with Republican, Peggy Noonan, stating, “Peggy said yesterday in her column, and I think there is real truth here: humility is power.”

Watch the Video:

Sadly, humility is not a word Obama will ever adopt as he is doubling down on his policies. What do you think?

H/T: The Daily Caller