Canadian Man Arrested for ‘Islamaphobic’ Social Media Posts


If you live in Canada and think the prophet Muhammad had some bad ideas, don’t post anything about it on Facebook.

Your opinions could get you arrested or tossed in jail by the thought police.

A Canadian man was recently arrested and charged with a hate crime over what he posted on social media.

From National Post:

Jacques Roy, 47, appeared before a Quebec Court judge on Saturday after he turned himself in to the Montreal police on June 30, said Montreal police spokesperson Constable Jean-Pierre Brabant. Roy was released after agreeing to follow a series of conditions, and his case is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 3.

Brabant said the investigation began on March 26 after someone contacted the Montreal police and reported statements they had read on a social media page. The police investigated and found statements that were hateful toward Muslims, Islam and people from Syria. The author of the statements included Trudeau in some of what he posted, Brabant said.

An arrest warrant was issued on June 16 and the Montreal police were able to contact Roy for the first time last week. He agreed to turn himself in, with a lawyer, and was detained before he appeared in court.

The arrest warrant was made public at the Montreal courthouse over the weekend. In the warrant, Roy is accused of “encouraging hatred against an identifiable group.” The charges are based on statements Roy allegedly made between Feb. 1 and March 26, in a manner “other than a private conversation.”

Combating terrorism is not a big deal to the Progressive Left.  It’s okay for Muslims call everyone who is non-Muslim infidels, chop their heads off, burn them alive, blow them up, throw gays off buildings, rape women, molest children, and abuse animals.

Just don’t say anything bad about Islam. This is liberal logic at its finest.

Free speech is no longer free if you start picking and choosing what constitutes ‘right’ speech and censor all dissenting opinions. There is no such thing as ‘hate speech’. All speech must be allowed to exist in the marketplace of ideas. There is only free speech, subject to libel and slander action. This is a pillar of democracy without which democracy cannot exist.

The simplest answer of all, is for everyone to indulge in “hate speech,” overwhelm the courts, and cause Facebook, Twitter, etc. to be closed down. The world would be a happier place.

Liberalism is dragging society back to 1645, the year when the most executions for witchcraft were carried out in this country.