Death Rattle Now Audible from the Bernie Sanders Campaign


The fat lady may not be singing just yet but she’s humming. The renegade candidacy of socialist cadaver Bernie Sanders is nearing it’s end and it’s only a matter of time until the braying old goat gives up the ghost.

With no chance at landing the Dem nomination and with the Clinton controlled party machine jabbing him with the cattle prods, the sell by date of Bernie’s grand socialist uprising has now arrived. Late this afternoon Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid came out and stated the obvious that Sanders had no path to the nomination. While Reid fell short of openly calling for Bernie to drop out, the implication was clear. Barring an unforeseen miracle in Tuesday’s slate of Democratic party primaries the process of surrendering to Queen Hillary will begin soon – if it hasn’t already.

According to the New York Times “Bernie Sanders to Reassess Candidacy, After Tuesday’s Vote, But He’ll Stay in Race”:

Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign advisers plan to reassess where his candidacy stands after five states vote on Tuesday, though he is adamant that he will remain in the race until the Democratic convention this summer.

As Mr. Sanders spent the morning happily greeting voters across Philadelphia, his senior campaign strategist said the senator understood the challenges ahead and would talk with his staff on Wednesday to decide how his bid will continue. Polls show Mr. Sanders trailing Hillary Clinton in at least four of the five states voting on Tuesday — Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Still, Mr. Sanders, who visited those states and the fifth state, Delaware, is not preparing to drop out of the race but will look into how to adjust how he talks about his prospects.

“If we are sitting here and there’s no sort of mathematical way to do it, we will be upfront about that,” Tad Devine, Mr. Sanders’s senior strategist, said in an interview. “If we have a really good day, we are going to continue to talk about winning most of the pledged delegates because we will be on a path toward it. If we don’t get enough today to make it clear that we can do it by the end, it’s going to be hard to talk about it. That’s not going to be a credible path. Instead, we will talk about what we intend to do between now and the end and how we can get there.”

Before Mr. Devine’s remarks, which he made in an interview, the Sanders campaign has resisted the notion that the senator would not have a path to the nomination.

After running off a string of wins that gave hope to the hopeless, Sanders received a running drop kick to the groin last week in a crushing New York primary loss that extinguished his momentum. Now he’s grasping at straws, like floating the idea of joining up with liberal heroine Elizabeth Warren which would likely induce a collective orgasm from his cult of devotees but it isn’t going to happen. The fake Indian has her own career aspirations and isn’t about to piss away her future by booking passage on Bernie’s ship of fools, especially with the iceberg directly off the starboard bow.

The biggest problem for Bernie at this point is how to bow out gracefully now that he has roused the rabble and he has indeed roused them very well. It was always inevitable that Sanders would be the designated Judas goat who would yoke the slaves and deliver them to the man but with his appeal to so many young Turks, they may not be down with simply changing bosses and working to put Hillary into the White House. This is a delicate situation but if nothing else Bernie has proven to be an adept snake oil salesman despite his inability to close a deal.