Jon Stewart Completely Obliterates Nancy Pelosi With These Four Powerful Words


Something has to be going on with Daily Show host Jon Stewart, because for the second time in the last several days, the king of liberal talking heads has delivered a message that has conservatives clapping in agreement all across the country.

Last time his target was Obama. This time he set his sights on Nancy Pelosi and thoroughly destroyed her by delivering four little words that are sweet music to anyone who loves this country.

via TheBlaze:

Comedian Jon Stewart targeted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a scathing segment Tuesday night, concluding with the apparent suggestion that she exit politics.

“Seriously, you should go,” were the four words Stewart uttered at the end of his roughly 5 minute sketch.


The Comedy Central comedian directed his ire at Pelosi over her refusal to allow pregnant veteran Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) to vote by proxy.

Via Mediaite:

Pelosi argued that allowing a proxy vote in Duckworth’s case is not a road they should go down, and didn’t understand the fuss over this.

Stewart explained, “You’re suppressing the vote of a minority pregnant woman who’s a war veteran… Why would you do this?!”

Stewart seems to be on a hot streak as of late, which makes one wonder if common sense is slowly but surely seeping into his pores and transforming his thinking.

The conservative movement always has room for one more, Mr. Stewart.

Do you agree it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to hit the road?