Kasich Makes Absurd Demand of Cruz And Trump

John Kasich Absurd Idea

GOP presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who as of late March has only won a single primary election, thinks challenger Sen. Ted Cruz and front-runner Donald Trump should consolidate around him because … something, something, he’s insane!

“You know, if you really want, let them consolidate behind me, because frankly, I’m the one that can win in the fall,” he said while speaking on “Meet the Press” this Sunday, according to Breitbart. “And I’m the one that can get the crossover votes.”

Says who!?

To be fair, Politico reported last week that according to the polls, “John Kasich appears to have the best odds of beating Hillary Clinton in a general election fight”:

When Kasich is matched up against Clinton, 45 percent of registered voters nationwide said they would vote for the Ohio governor, compared to 39 percent for the former secretary of state …

Both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump trailed Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, in their own head-to-head scenarios, by 5 and 10 percentage points, respectively.

I get the importance of this discrepancy, which for the record might change once all Republicans eventually congregate around a single candidate, but the idea that Cruz and especially Trump, who continues to dominate in almost every single election, should just give up their campaigns and throw their support behind Kasich is simply insane.

The inconvenient truth, Mr. Kasich, is that it is YOU who should drop out and throw YOUR support behind either Cruz or Trump.

Why? Because you will NEVER be the GOP primary!