LIST: The Most Obnoxious Quotes From Liberals In 2017

There has probably never been a greater year when it comes to liberal nonsense than 2017, a year when the left underwent a collective psychotic breakdown.

Shocked and driven mad by the unexpected loss by Hillary Clinton, the left turned to their celebrity heroes, bought into crazy conspiracy theories about President Trump being a Kremlin operative and a white supremacist.

In a nutshell, the left worked overtime to get Trump Derangement Syndrome added to the DSM-V and declared an official mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.

While it’s difficult to compile a definitive list of the nuttiest quotes from the gaggle of Trump haters and Hillary dead-enders, the good folks at Town Hall have done a fantastic job in producing 25 jewels for their 14th annual most obnoxious quotes of the year edition.

The toxic mix of racism, fascism and over-the-top social justice warriors on the Left has made this a banner year for obnoxious quotes. So, enjoy the 14th annual most obnoxious quotes of the year…

1) Comes courtesy of CNN’s resident dingbat Sally Kohn:

“Straightforward from here:

  1. Impeach Trump & Pence
  2. Constitutional crisis
  3. Call special election
  4. Ryan v Clinton
  5. President Clinton”

2) From Jimmy Kimmel’s former squeeze Sarah Silverman, a women so dumb that she was triggered by construction markings that she believed was neo-Nazi code:


3) The unhinged and unfunny comedienne Chelsea Handler chimes in:

“To all the generals surrounding our idiot-in-chief…the longer U wait to remove him, the longer UR name will appear negatively in history.”

4) University of Hawaii mathematics professor Piper Herron who unbelievably teaches young people spouted off with the following bit of nonsense:

“Not to alarm you, but I probably want you to quit your job, or at least take a demotion. If you are a white cis man you almost certainly should resign from your position of power. That’s right, please quit. …Stop hiring white cis men (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing.”

5) Climate change crazy Brad Johnson called for throwing people into jail if they don’t agree with him – this is a common thread on the left which teetering on the edge of Stalinism.

“Climate disaster response rules

     1) save lives

     2) global warming is here

     3) put officials who reject science in jail”

6) Nincompoop late-night TV writer Jen Statsky who called for Trump supporters to have their children taken away from them:

“…if you support Trump you should have your children taken away.”

7) What would any list of liberal dumbassery be without a contribution from Commander Porky of the anti-Trump #Resistance – multimillionaire hypocrite Michael Moore:

“Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump….Trump has signed orders killing all of Obama’s climate change regulations. The EPA is prohibited henceforth from focusing on climate change.”

8) CNN twink Sally Kohn again, this time with the outlandish statement that:

“Whether we realize it or not, most men hate women.”

9) Only one of the hundreds of gems from Hillary Clinton’s endless tour to promote her grimoire of grievances What Happened? This comes from an interview with leftist rag Mother Jones.

“I think there are lots of questions about (the 2016 election’s) legitimacy, and we don’t have a method for contesting that in our system. That’s why I’ve long advocated for an independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened.”

Oh Hillary, how can we ever miss you if you won’t just go away?

10) Michael Moore again, the guy who gets rich making anti-capitalist movies told Fast Company:

“The angry white guy is dying out, and the Census Bureau has already told us that by 2050, white people are going to be the minority, and I’m not sad to say I can’t wait for that day to happen. I hope I live long enough to see it because it will be a better country.”

11) Nutty feminist Emily Linden of the #unslut project and columnist for Teen Vogue magazine which teaches young girls that it’s cool to be sluts.

“Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations….Sorry. If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay.”

12) New York Times guest columnist Ekow N. Yankah who admits that he is teaching his children to be racist towards white people.:

“I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible. When they ask, I will teach my sons that their beautiful hue is a fault line.”

13) Feminist gender warrior Zinnia Jones with some gobbledygook about transgender women:

“Being exclusionary of trans women partners should be an outlier and marginal position for straight men, not some commonplace expectation. These angry declarations that they have some absolute right to not want to be with trans women are just misplaced and inappropriate.”

14) Evergreen State College professor Naima Lowe who shows people exactly what sort of divisive garbage is being pumped into the heads of their kids on the nation’s college campuses.

“White supremacy…lives and breathes within every single white person.”

15) Radical feminist nutcase Caroline Criado-Perez whose Twitter profile describes her as a “Lobbyist For Big Vagina”:

“Also spending money on roads instead of welfare is literally choosing rich white men over everyone else — they are the ones who drive.”

16) Feminist author and activist Jill Filipovic who wrote The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness but sounds like a seriously miserable woman.

“Having children is one of the worst things you can do for the planet. Have one less and conserve resources.”

17) Self-proclaimed “expert on race + technology” Jessie Daniels with a totally asinine statement:

“Part of what I’ve learned is that the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy.”

18) Hollywood whacko Wil Wheaton exploiting the senseless massacre of worshippers in a Sutherland Springs, TX church by a deranged lunatic. The compassion just oozes from every pore in Wil’s body.

“The murdered victims were in a church. If prayers did anything, they’d still be alive….”

19) New York University librarian April Hathcock who seems to fancy herself as a philosopher queen.

“Race fatigue is a real physical, mental, and emotional condition that people of color experience after spending a considerable amount of time dealing with the micro- and macro-aggressions that inevitably occur when in the presence of white people. The more white people, the longer the time period, the more intense the race fatigue.”

20) Huffington Post “Queer Voices” columnist Michelangelo Signorile calling for an insurrection.

“Starting today and from here on, no elected official — certainly those in the GOP defending and supporting Trump on a variety of issues, for example should be able to sit down for a nice, quiet lunch or dinner in a Washington, DC eatery or even in their own homes. They should be hounded by protestors everywhere, especially in public — in restaurants, in shopping centers, in their districts, and yes, on the public property outside their homes and apartments, in Washington and back in their home states.”

21) Veteran racial grievance-monger the Reverend Jesse Jackson on the NFL protests:

“To go from picking cotton balls to picking footballs and basketballs without freedom is not very much progress.”

22) Rabid, rotund Rosie O’Donnell again, this time totally losing it by breaking federal law offering to bribe members of Congress for their votes on tax reform.

“so how about this

i promise to give

2 million dollars to senator susan collins

and 2 million to senator jeff flake

if they vote NO



DM me susan

DM me jeff

no sh*t

2 million


23) Columnist Roland Martin venting incoherently:

“Just heard this idiot truck driver on @CBSNews say he has spent $7,500 in the last two years on the Affordable Care Act and he’s only been to the doctor one time. He hates ObamaCare. But let him get sick ONE TIME. He’ll be thankful for healthcare!”

24) Singer and Washington Post guest columnist Holly Figueroa O’Reilly braying at the moon because President Trump blocked her obnoxious ass on Twitter.

 “It’s one thing if the president blocks me (on Twitter); I’m just one person, and I can certainly do something else with those five minutes of my day. But when he began systematically blocking dozens of people who simply didn’t agree with him, that’s when I started to worry that this is something more than just one person blocking another one. This is an elected official trying to silence an entire sector of the dissenting populace. This is what dictators and fascists do. This isn’t what we do here in America.”

25) Feminist video game developer Brianna Wu after Islamic terrorists detonated bombs at an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester, UK:

“When a man straps on a bomb of nails, goes to woman’s concert to kill an audience of women and girls – IT’S A SAFE BET SEXISM IS INVOLVED.”