National Review Shamelessly Slimes Sen. Jeff Sessions

National Review vs Jess Sessions

A contributor at National Review, which began openly attacking GOP front-runner Donald Trump two months ago, published an op-ed this Monday that referred to Sen. Jeff Sessions and other Republican officeholders who support Trump as “rats,” “sellouts,” and “prostitutes.”

Columnist Ian Tuttle published the piece — titled, “The Rats Are Scurrying: Republican Officeholders Who Endorse Trump Are Sellouts” — exactly two days after Sessions endorsed Trump.

He started by first slamming New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for endorsing Trump last Friday:

Presumably, Christie thinks an endorsement will increase the likelihood of his securing a position in a Trump administration (and given Trump’s financial history, that is a likelier prospect than his receiving 30 pieces of silver). But he has agreed to be, for the next several months, willingly at the end of Trump’s leash, evidence of which was Trump and Christie’s brief exchange after Christie’s speech in Arkansas: “Get on the plane and go home,” Trump said, caught on a hot mic. “It’s over. Go home.” There are pimps and prostitutes with more equitable relationships.

But then he did the inconceivable and funneled that same criticism to Sessions, whom conservatives consider to be one of the most sincere and intelligent politicians currently in Congress.

“Speaking of prostitutes: On Sunday, Alabama senator Jeff Sessions offered Trump his own endorsement,” Tuttle shamelessly wrote.

Wow …

N.R. published this smear only days after it reportedly denigrated all Trump supporters as nothing more than a “punchline” to a joke.

Breitbart contributor John Nolte said it best at the time when he wrote the following about the failing magazine:

[This is] what smug snobs do: They point and laugh at The Powerless because that’s easier than summoning the moral courage to take a personal inventory, even after decades of electoral failure.

Agreed, for anyone who would dare call Sessions a “prostitute” for simply throwing his support behind the leading candidate — one who commands a whopping 49 percent support rating among the American people — is indeed a snob, not to mention an idiot!