NY Times Amazed By Diversity At Trump’s Tampa Office

Donald Trump vs Liberals

The chins on the faces of the identity politics-obsessed liberals at The New York Times hit the floor when they recently visited 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign office in Tampa and found the last thing they expected to encounter there: diversity!

“For a campaign frequently depicted as offering a rallying point for the white working class, the people volunteering to help Mr. Trump here are noteworthy for their ethnic diversity,” the paper wrote.

“They include a young woman who recently arrived from Peru; an immigrant from the Philippines; a 70-year-old Lakota Indian; a teenage son of Russian immigrants; a Mexican-American.”

The liberals at the Times also encountered a myriad of different political persuasions, including conservatism, libertarianism and even liberalism — the latter expressed through ex-Democrats fed up with the Democrats’ piss-poor policies and constant racial grievance mongering.

While the paper’s reporters were surprised by all this, I was not.

Anyone who lives in real-life America — versus living in the beltway or in the delusional utopias inhabited by liberals — already knew that support for Trump transcends nearly every boundary, be it racial, religious or even political.

Like I explained for Downtrend last week, Trump’s supporters include blacks, Latinos, Asians and even Muslims. Yes, Muslims!

Muslims For Trump

Yet liberals continue to ignore these facts and instead peddle lies about all Trump supporters being racists and bigots. Moreover, by doing this, liberals only aggravate Americans, thus propelling more and more of them right into the arms of Donald Trump.

It’s very ironic, as well as funny!

In the remixed words of the kids from the Trix commercial, “Silly liberals, diversity is for conservatives!”

H/T The Daily Caller