Tim Allen Left Speechless After Megyn Kelly Asked Him This Question About Hillary Clinton

Tim Allen Speechless

Speaking on Fox News this Thursday evening, Hollywood star Tim Allen literally became speechless when host Megyn Kelly asked him whether he likes Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Kelly first asked Allen who he likes in general, and he responded by saying how he appreciated Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s “resume.”

“He’s almost the Republican the Democrats would like,” Allen explained. “That’s not a great thing if you want to win elections, but he’s really got a great resume and a good heart.”

“What about Hillary Clinton?” Kelly then asked.

Watch below to see his reaction for yourself:

He responded with dead silence, and given what we know about Clinton’s antics — going after the women who accused her husband of sexually assaulting them; accepting donations from shady Saudi Arabians; and lying about a hundred different things — I’m not at all surprised!

Mind you, according to Allen, many of the liberal women on his show, “Last Man Standing,” support Clinton because they believe it’s about time for a woman to be in the White House.

“So one of us said, ‘If it was Sarah Palin, would it still be about time?'” Allen recalled. “And boy, it looked like they all ate bad fish.”

I bet it did!

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