Trump Haters Just Got Bad News From Piers Morgan…And He’s Right!

Nearly one year into the Trump administration and things are taking a very bad turn for the Democrats, liberals, and the so-called resistance. The shriller that their hatred for the POTUS becomes, the more that people are beginning to recognize that they are the ones who are crazy.

No less an authority than Alice in Wonderland herself once observed “If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later”, and Donald Trump’s haters have been guzzling it down by the gallon.

This is nowhere more so than with the crazed Hollywood celebrities like Meryl Streep, who has not only launched the Oprah Winfrey 2020 presidential campaign but even picked out the Big-O’s celeb cabinet. Then there is phony tough guy Robert DeNiro, who went on an F-bomb laden tirade against Trump at an awards ceremony this week, making himself look like what he is – a disheveled and bitter old crank who can’t accept the results of an election when his team loses.

The completely unhinged reaction to the book by truth-challenged, bug-eyed, leftist kook Michael Wolff (who even admits in the prologue that a good part of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” is fiction) has caused at least some big names in the anti-Trump punditry to start calling it like they see it.

Take, for example, former CNN talking head Piers Morgan in an epic column that hits the bullseye dead on.

Via the UK Daily Mail, “The crazier his critics like De Niro get, the more sane and stable Trump looks…”:

“Trump was lucid, competent, confident, charming and informed. Indeed, he looked, sounded and behaved like a capable president running a very important gathering of some of America’s most senior politicians,” by Morgan’s estimation.

The columnist called what he witnessed “an extraordinary hour of riveting debate” on one of the nation’s “most intractable issues” of illegal immigration, which included the fate of the 800,000 non-citizens currently registered in the DACA program.

Everything viewers witnessed ran contrary to author Michael Wolff’s narrative in his new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which depicted Trump as senile, unstable and moronic.

“To me, who’s known him ten years, he seemed the same as he’s always been,” observed Morgan, which is none of those things.

He went on to point out that South Korean President Moon-Jae-in publicly credited Trump for his “huge contribution” in helping make the first inter-Korean talks in over two years happen.

“So here we are, less than two weeks into 2018, and President Trump has possibly fixed America’s biggest immigration issue AND averted nuclear war,” contended Morgan. “Not bad for an insane imbecile, right?” […]

Yet there’s a wonderful irony that won’t have been lost on anyone who saw this speech and also watched the President conduct that White House meeting yesterday.

And it’s this: Donald Trump looked perfectly sane, while Robert De Niro looked perfectly insane.

I’ve said since the Inauguration a year ago that screaming abuse at everything Trump does or says is self-defeating for his enemies; it simply rallies his base and empowers him more.

I also warned that eventually, it would lead to those doing it actually losing their minds.

As I watched the Raging Bullsh*tter spitting his hateful bile, I realised de Niro’s become one of the first casualties of a new strain of PTSD – Perpetual Trump Shrieking Disorder.

The poor man’s been sent doolally by a President who refuses to play by the rules, and infuriates as many people as he delights, but who is starting to deliver, as CNN’s Dana Bash said yesterday, what ‘people who had high hopes for the Trump presidency thought it would be.’

Compounding the problems for the anti-Trump berserkers, David Brooks of the New York Times also called out the lunatic fringe who have been afflicted with incurable Trump Derangement Syndrome in his column, “The Decline of Anti-Trumpism”:

…the anti-Trump movement, of which I’m a proud member, seems to be getting dumber. It seems to be settling into a smug, fairy tale version of reality that filters out discordant information.

When you’ve lost David Brooks and the damned liberal New York Times, you know that your silly resistance movement is in trouble – and that was before the insanely hysterical reaction to Trump referring to “shithole” countries as “shithole” countries – a term that the majority of Americans would use to describe them as.

Very soon, we can probably expect to see those who value their reputations starting to put some distance between themselves and the irrational mobs of Trump-haters who need to seriously consider seeking help from mental health professionals.