Watch George Washington Hijack The Presidential Debates

George Washington Hijacked Presidential Debates

Imagine if legendary founding father George Washington were to participate in the current batch of presidential debates. What answers do you suppose he would provide?

There is no need to imagine, because the folks at the Mount Vernon plantation home of the former first president of the United States decided to record two mock videos depicting an actor dressed as Washington essentially hijacking the Democrat and GOP presidential debates.

The answers provided were mixed with both comedy and history.


My favorite part in the video above was when Washington asked, “Who is Bernard Sanders?”

“If that’s your biggest concern, then I’m your guy,” Washington replied when asked about dynastic politics.

So what do you think? Did they get it right? If not, what do you think Washington might say if he were to participate in the presidential debates?

Better yet, who do you think he’d vote for?

And FYI, if you answer “Bernie Sanders” or “Hillary Clinton,” I might have to do this to you: