Young Voters are Shifting To The Republican Party This Election Cycle; Here’s Why


Millennials voters, those 18 to 34 years old, could swing the election towards the GOP this election cycle. Millennials aren’t buying into Obama any longer.

Via Rare:

Many Millennials were swept off their feet when President Obama first burst onto the political scene, but two elections and six years later buyer’s remorse is setting in, and the Republican Party has gained legitimacy in spite of itself.

Millennials who told the IOP they will “definitely be voting” Tuesday favored Republicans over Democrats, 51 percent to 47 percent. That is a reversal of September 2010 results, when the IOP found Democrats favored over Republicans among young likely voters, 55 percent to 43 percent.

Obama’s job-approval rating among millennials decreased from 47 percent in April to 43 percent, his second-lowest rating in the IOP surveys. Among young Americans most likely to vote, his job-approval rating is just 42 percent.

Just 49 percent of young Hispanics approve of Obama’s job performance, the lowest since IOP began tracking in 2009. That’s a big drop from six months ago, when his rating among young Hispanics was 60 percent, and five years ago, when 81 percent of Hispanic Millennials approved of Obama’s performance. Only 17 percent of Hispanic youth plan to vote Tuesday, far smaller than the non-Hispanic percentages and likely a reflection of frustration over stalled immigration reform.

Obama’s job approval is below 40 percent on several issues, including the economy, health care, the federal budget deficit, and foreign policy. Nearly six of 10 young Americans disapprove of Obamacare.

Politicians better start paying attention to young voters, because Millennials are taking notice and are ready for big changes in government.

Via National Journal:

“Millennials could be a critical swing vote,” said IOP Director Maggie Williams, “Candidates for office: Ignore millennial voters at your peril.”

Resentment of empty promises, war, and a poor economy are motivating Millennial’s decisions today. We want to see politicians that can stand by what they say, and bring security back to our country.

It appears that young voters are educating themselves and are ready for real change.