25% Increase in British Gun Crime Proves Gun Control Solves NOTHING

Leftists are adamant that the United States needs to follow the example of our supposedly more enlightened counterparts in Europe, particularly on gun control. Does that include learning from other countries’ mistakes?

Sky News reports that despite the United Kingdom’s stringent restrictions on firearm ownership, gun crimes in England and Wales rose to 6,696 as of June 2017, up more than 25% from the previous year:

In 2014, more than 6,000 guns were handed in to police, including antique guns, imitation firearms, hand guns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition […]

Illegal possession of a firearm can result in a five year prison sentence. If you are found guilty of possession with intent to supply, it could lead to a life sentence.

Yet despite the abject failure of these campaigns to get people to turn in their guns, the authorities’ solution to the latest numbers is … to try the exact same thing again:

Anybody taking guns and ammunition to police stations across the UK over the next fortnight will not face automatic criminal charges, but will if they are later connected to a crime.

The National Gun Surrender started on Monday and will run until 26 November.

Air guns, rifles, BB guns, shotguns and pistols, including antiques and ex-military, are among the weapons police said should be handed in […]

Many firearms are “held in innocence and ignorance of their illegality” and are often left forgotten in people’s homes, according to the National Ballistic Intelligence Service (Nabis), which is co-ordinating the surrender.

Others are acquired through criminal networks and handing them in could save lives, the service added.

Assistant Chief Constable Helen McMillan is urging people to “do the right thing and surrender your weapon,” promising that anyone concerned about legal repercussions doesn’t “have to give your name or address.”

It could “save lives” to turn in guns resting forgotten in storage, harming nobody? Sure, that makes perfect sense.

At Bearing Arms, Tom Knighton says a few words about how deeply, criminally foolish all of this is:

They’ve already made gun ownership as a whole virtually illegal there, so what’s left?

They’re offering an amnesty, but does anyone in their right mind think this will really take guns used in crime off the streets? Of course not. This will allow the handful of people who have guns they won’t use for anything to get them out of the house so they don’t get arrested. That’s it.

The criminals, on the other hand, are either ignoring the news or laughing their butts off at the idea that the police think they’ll simply hand over their most effective tools simply because the government asked nicely.

Meanwhile, this is also why gun rights advocates refuse to hand over our guns. The criminals will stay armed. They always will. Even on an island like England, they continue to get their hands on firearms.

Indeed. This would be a good time to recall Leah Libresco, the statistician who famously disavowed her past gun-control support last month after examining the evidence.

Among her findings was that Britain did not see “drops in mass shootings or other gun related-crime that could be attributed to” law-abiding Brits surrendering their guns, and that “gun restrictions had an ambiguous effect on other gun-related crimes or deaths.”

But hey, if it makes liberals feel self-righteous, so they can run around pretending that they’re “doing something” that shows how much they care, isn’t that what really matters?