Anti-2A State Rep Assaults 2A Activist in New Hampshire

Those on the left who seek to put more gun control into place always seem to be the ones who are the most violent and probably shouldn’t have firearms.

That rings true with New Hampshire State Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord) who has been charged with assaulting Independent Susan Olsen during a senate ballot recount last November.

Both Rogers and Olsen were observers during a ballot recount in November. They were sitting next to each other to review ballots and were able to challenge or accept the ballots as they were shown.

The race in question was a close New Hampshire Senate race between Democrat Andrew Hosmer and Republican Harold French. Rogers was an observer for Hosmer and Olsen was an observer for French.

It was during the beginning of the recount that Rogers allegedly assaulted Olsen after Olsen requested the ballots be placed closer so she could see them better, The Concord Patch reports:

That’s when she alleges that Rogers put her hand on her shoulder, “as if to hug me,” reportedly stated she wanted Olsen to be “happy,” and then allegedly struck her. Olsen stated that she said to Rogers, “If you strike me again, I will have you arrested.” She alleged that Rogers, a former county attorney, countered, “in a low, mocking, angry whisper,” something to the effect of “Hit me. I know you want to. Go ahead. Hit me.”

Olsen claimed that Rogers was “smirking” while she was speaking and then, reportedly leaned in further, “sounding almost like she was daring me,” and allegedly stated, “I know what you want to do. You want to shoot me.”

Olsen stated she was so stunned by Rogers and her comments that she couldn’t – and didn’t – respond and that she didn’t want the proceedings to be disrupted any longer than they already had been.

After the first batch of ballots were eyed, Olsen stated that Rogers left the table and was replaced by another person.

Olsen didn’t report the incident to the New Hampshire State Police until after the legislative session had ended in May so that it would not appear to be politically motivated.

There were at least two witnesses to Rogers’ assault, one who has died, but once the state police finished investigating the complaint, charges were brought forth against Rogers who will appear in court on September 29th.

Although neither woman was there representing their positions on the 2nd Amendment, it is clear Rogers, who is a hardcore anti-2nd Amendment activist in New Hampshire who pushes California-style gun control in the state as a legislator, used her hatred of 2nd Amendment activism and firearms in the disturbing statement she made to Olsen, “I know what you want to do. You want to shoot me.”

All of the gun control legislation Rogers’ has pushed over the past couple of years has been fought against by Olsen as a 2nd Amendment activist. Every single gun control measure Rogers has pushed, has been defeated.

Rogers also works with Everytown and Moms Demand to push gun control in a state where Olsen helped pass Constitutional Carry.

Rogers’ lawyer, who happens to be the New Hampshire Democrat Party’s attorney, claims the incident is nothing but a political ploy, yet Olsen intentionally waited until the legislature was out of session so it would not be seen as such.

It seems the politics in this assault case were all those of the anti-2nd Amendment state representative, Rogers. If anything, her alleged statement “you want to shoot me” shows Rogers’ disturbed “reasoning” for assaulting Olsen in the first place.

The only politics in play here are that a well-known gun control activist is accused of assaulting a well-known 2nd Amendment activist, except the assaulter happens to also be a state representative.

There is no place for violence in politics, but it certainly seems the left has a propensity for it. Rogers should resign her position. Someone as unhinged as she doesn’t belong anywhere near the state house.