Armed Citizen Killed in Kroger With His Own Gun; Details…

Apparently, not even the grocery store is a “safe space” for law-abiding citizens anymore.

A man who was simply going grocery shopping wound up dead thanks to a killer who decided to take a life in a Kroger.

It seems the killer used a knife to take down the victim and then possibly shot him with his own firearm as well. From WTHR:

The Marion County Coroner said Monday they were still trying to determine if a man killed in a Kroger store aisle died from a knife wounds or a gunshot.

Witnesses told police they saw or heard both weapons used in the incident Friday night.

Police said Monday the gun used in the incident belonged to victim Carlos Castro.

Police believe the suspect stabbed Carlos Castro first then somehow took control of his handgun.

Castro was killed in a violent attack that appears to be random.

One of the witnesses to the events just before the attack said she saw a “younger guy walking around with his cell phone, being really verbal.”

How sad that Castro actually thought enough to protect himself but never had the chance because he probably never expected to need to in a Kroger.

And the anti-gunners call those who carry concealed “paranoid.” This appears to be a random act of violence. This is what many acts of violence are today.

Castro was most likely just looking at the shelves trying to figure out what he needed when he was stabbed by a psychopath who cared nothing about human life. Not only did the killer stab him but saw his firearm and decided to shoot him as well?

Or did Castro attempt to save his own life and that’s how the killer saw his firearm?

The murder is still under investigation but it’s horrifying to believe one can’t even be safe at a grocery store anymore. From WTHR:

Police say two men got into an altercation in the store and one of the men shot the other. The victim died in the dairy aisle of the store, police said. Monday morning, the Marion County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as 43-year-old Carlos Castro.

The shooter, later identified as Cooper, fled from the store and carjacked a customer in the parking lot, fleeing south on U.S. 31 toward Greenwood. Police pursued the suspect a short distance until he bailed from the stolen vehicle near Stop 11 Road.

Anti-gunners still want to ban all firearms, because getting a kitchen knife IN THE STORE is okay with them as long as it isn’t a firearm. From WTHR:

Just moments before that, that same witness, a store employee, told police the suspect approached him and asked where he could find kitchen knives. He showed him.

“And then I heard three shots,” said a witness.

According to friends and family, Castro was a hard worker and a good person. The attack seems to be completely random and Castro just happened to be the victim chosen on that day.

Unfortunately, it was in a place where he probably never thought he’d be a victim even though he chose to protect himself against such attacks.

It further proves that one must be aware of their surroundings at ALL TIMES, even in places where you least expect to actually be attacked.