As Gun Sales Set Records, Violent Crime Hits Historic Lows


For the last 19 consecutive months, gun sales have set record paces.

With one month left to go in 2016, the number of background checks done on potential gun buyers has hit 24.8 million. In all of 2015, there were 23.1 million.

With December typically the busiest month of the year and if the trend holds up, we may see as many as 28 million sales in 2016.

Yet – despite record gun sales, violent crime rates remain at historic lows.

Back in 2000, with violent crime still high, and Bill Clinton in office, there were only 8.5 million possible gun sales.

Barack Obama is saddened by all this. “There have been more guns sold since I’ve been president than just about any time in U.S. history,” he said in June.

He is ignoring that under his administration, the violent crime rate has dropped by double digits. Why doesn’t he relish in that, and take credit for the sharp drop in crime?

Because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative.

Barack Obama and his Leftist buddies want you to believe that more guns means more crime. Add in the fake narrative that racist, white police are hunting down unarmed black men across the country and they could never admit that crime is down.

Since 1993, in fact, violent crime is down an amazing 77 percent.


It has ticked up in 2015. The FBI reported a 3.9 percent increase in violent crime over 2014, but that’s a blip on the radar; not even a statistically significant change (5% counts as statistically significant). We’re still at the same low rates we had in the early 1970s.

So do more guns mean less crime? Folks will debate that. But one only has to compare violent crime and gun sales with the expansion of concealed carry laws in the country.

This graph shows how all crime has been steadily decreasing as the percentage of Americans who live in states with shall-issue concealed carry laws increases.


It’s impossible to ignore the facts. Unless you’re Barack Obama and the American Left.

H/T: BearingArms