Boo Hoo: ‘Moms Demand’ Founder Just Got Horrible News…

Looks like they’ve got some leakers over at Bloomberg’s harem of gun control harpies.

Apparently Shannon Watts actually is the witch everyone already thinks she is, but it’s worse because she’s like that to the people who are trying to push gun control alongside her.

Story. Apparently sources are leaking out stories about Watts being a demanding tyrant. From The Daily Caller:

After multiple staff departures from gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety and its spinoff Moms Demand Action, activists say a top decision-maker at both groups is making life difficult for those in the movement.

According to sources close to Everytown, Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action and advisory board member of Everytown, remains a problem within both groups. Watts, while not a staffer with either organization, is a full-time volunteer who lives in Colorado. Critics of Watts say that despite that status, she is involved with all major leadership decisions.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise. It doesn’t seem like Moms Demand or Everytown are getting much gun control legislation passed. They do, however, seem to be helping get more legislation passed that is helping law-abiding gun owners more easily practice their 2nd Amendment rights. The Daily Caller even did a count on that:

“This fake news is the result of how we are effectively providing a counter to the extremist leadership of the NRA. Our movement is strong and growing with more than three million volunteers beating back the gun lobby’s agenda in all 50 states,” Everytown spokeswoman Kate Folmar responded to the accusations.

The National Rifle Association responded to Folmar’s jab by pointing to recent statistics for state legislatures this session that showed 28 pro-gun state bills signed into law, seven pro-gun bills awaiting a governor’s signature, seven state pro-gun bills vetoed and 111 pro-gun pieces of legislation that are pending in state legislatures.

The gun rights advocacy organization compared the numbers for the same period to the number of state gun control bills signed into law: one; gun control bill signed into law leading to a legal challenge: one; gun control bills resulting in governor signature: 1; and failed gun control bills: 34.

Why this matters? It doesn’t really, but it’s interesting that Watts’ “leadership” is a complete failure, but everyone already knew that based on the statistics above. If they can’t even work together to push their horrible gun control legislation anywhere, that actually helps the 2nd Amendment community.

Bloomberg is going to continue to pay hacks to push gun control across the country, which will continue to help create more 2nd Amendment activists to across the country to fight against them. It’s really simple, actually. The more the left pushes gun control, the more Americans fight back against it.