California Leftists Having Difficult Implementing Their Ludicrous New Gun Laws

California fascists love to oppress gun owners, but it looks like their zeal is getting the better of them right now.

The state is suffering from a number of big setbacks as the State tried to implement a number of new guns law, including confiscation of all magazines with over 10 rounds capacity, registration of all “assault weapons,” and special licensing of anyone dealing ammunition.

While the fact that the legislature passed these measures is of no surprise, the fact that they cannot even seem to implement them is simply entertaining to watch. Notably, one of the biggest losses for the state was a recent federal court ruling which blocked the state from confiscating magazines over 10 rounds capacity.

But, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, it is not only the courts that are giving the state problems; it looks like government incompetence is the biggest roadblock for the California government.

Another troubled part of California’s new gun-control regime is a plan to require all ammunition sales be done through specially licensed dealers. By July 1 those who wanted to apply for the license to sell ammunition were supposed to be able to apply online, and the DOJ was supposed to have an online database of licensed dealers up and running. Neither the online license application portal nor the seller database were up and the regulations governing the licensing process were just made public on Monday.

The license for ammunition dealership does not even exist yet, but on January 1, 2018 it will be illegal to purchase ammunition from any entity without this still-nonexistent license. A similar situation is happening in New York State, where an ammunition registry and background check system was supposed to be set up under the 2013 SAFE Act, but due to difficulties setting up the system it had to be abandoned.

Additionally, the state passed another law that reclassified what is an “assault weapon” and the Department of Justice sought to create a registration system for these firearms. There was previously an exception for rifles which had a “bullet button” equipped, but the new law would eliminate that exception, effectively eliminating the ability to possess any standard AR-style rifle.

However, the State Office of Administrative Law ruled that the Department of Justice did not follow the proper protocol for implementing the system, and blocked implementation for six months.

The inherent problem here is that the State is so rabidly anti-freedom that they make law after law, regulation after regulation, without even thinking how such measures may be legally implemented. The complexity is so intense that the State can’t even seem to understand how to carry them out without breaking the law themselves.

Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition, said the main problem facing the state’s efforts to flesh out their new gun-control measures is how complicated they are.

“California governor Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, and the state’s legislature have created a system of gun-control laws that are so complicated and so full of problems that the attorney general and thousands of DOJ lawyers can’t figure out how to make them work without illegally creating new regulations,” Combs told the Free Beacon. “I think that a number of things are contributing to the delays, including the fact that DOJ doesn’t really want people to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. They don’t prioritize civil rights, especially ones they don’t like.”

You won’t see me shedding any tears over this, though. California Leftists have gone so far off the rails that they cannot even follow the proper legal process to carry out their fascistic schemes. For now though, they can’t use the “C” word (confiscation) in their dealings, but they will do everything that they can to make it as bureaucratic and burdensome as possible to exercise the right to bear arms.

As the old saying goes, the process is the punishment.