California Man Destroys His AR-15 For Dumbest Reason Imaginable [VIDEO]

Chad Vachter spent about one thousand dollars on his prized possession: an AR-15.

But following the recent mass shootings with similar semi-automatic weapons, the gun owner decided to do the dumbest thing imaginable.

On camera – and on social media – the Rancho Tehama, California, resident decided to completely destroy his valuable firearm.

Fed up with the mass shootings, he took a hammer to the gun on Facebook.

“I can’t do it,” he said. “I can’t have something in my house that so easily could become a part of another situation like that, and I’m not going to be desensitized to it. I refuse to.”

After 58 people were killed in a mass shooting at an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas – then a gunman opened fire in a Sutherland Springs, Texas, church, killing 26, Vachter said he had enough. To top it off, earlier this week, a gunman killed several people in different locations in Northern California – including a school.

That was the man’s breaking point.

“The other night, when I read the thing about the school in northern California, I cried and I haven’t felt good since,” he said. “And although I’m still sad for all those victims and all the people affected, I feel like I’ve done the only thing that I can do in this equation. Even if it’s just a small thing, I did my part to make things better.”

Vatcher said he still supports the Second Amendment and still owns a shotgun and a pistol, but he said he’s challenging other gun owners to destroy their so-called “assault weapons.”

Not likely, Chad. Sorry. You’re probably by yourself on that one.

That scary black rifle that Chad destroyed isn’t going to shoot up a school all by itself. The biggest threat to schools is Chad himself. He should be cutting off his trigger finger. That rifle isn’t going to hop down the street and attack a school all by itself without Chad making it do so.

Chad could have easily given his weapon to the police – or sold it to someone with a little more common sense. But that he had to post it on Facebook means he’s desperately grabbing for attention.

And he got it.

Here’s how the site Rare publicized the SoCal simpleton:

Vachter owns a handgun, a shotgun and an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle (under California law, the Colt AR-15 and some similar rifles are banned by name, but there are substitutes with similar functions).

He learned to shoot when he was a child and likes being a gun owner — but he says that owning the same weapon used in successive mass shootings across the country began to weigh on him, especially after the San Bernardino terror attack in 2015.

His son, who has autism, received treatment at the Inland Regional Center where the shooting took place, according to WDTN. But the Rancho Tehama shooting finally convinced him.

“So when my son is old enough to realize that someone went in there and shot up that place, and he sees that gun in my possession and asks me ‘Why do you have it, daddy?,’ I don’t have a good answer,” he confessed.

I have a good answer: Because if the bad guys are going to arm themselves, so is daddy.

But daddy’s not. So daddy can’t be part of the solution anymore.

Is that what you’re going to tell your son, Chad?