The DUMBEST Things Said By Liberal Gun Grabbers In 2016

If you have a few minutes, consider some of the most ridiculous things said by fascistic gun-grabbers in 2016.

Illinois Gun Owners Rights compiled a video of the top ten ludicrous things said and done by Leftist control freaks. With some of these things, hardly any comment is even needed.

Check it out for yourself below:

10. “Cocks not Glocks.”

This was the insanely childish and hideous batch of whining that a bunch of bratty and hyper-sexualized students conducted to oppose Texas’ campus carry law.

It’s ironic that these morons are using dildos to protest firearms. They seem to BE the biggest dildos on the campus, although I’m sure there are plenty of professors who fall into the category as well.

They don’t even see the despicable irony that they are using the symbol of a rapist’s weapon to protest women protecting themselves FROM rapists.

Apparently waving sex toys at passersby is in the same category as lawful self-protection. You can’t make this stuff up!

9. Amy Schumer’s interview where she produced crocodile tears, and claimed that we need to toughen up our background check system to prevent those with a violent history or mental illness from getting a gun.

Apparently she does not realize that this system already exists. Yet as we know, criminals and psychopaths will do whatever they need to outside what is legal to get their hands on weapons to kill others.

8. Shaun King’s claim that it is time to confiscate all “assault rifles.”

King admits that background checks cannot do what Amy Schumer claims they can do. So he just goes straight for the jugular and says it’s time to take away everyone’s “assault rifles.”

Now, the firearms that he is referring to are not actually assault rifles, but semiautomatic sport rifles. What King and other advocates of mass firearm theft don’t bring up is the fact that nearly 10x more people drown every year than are killed with these long rifles, according to CDC and FBI data.

7. Katie Couric’s documentary film “Under The Gun” and its deceptive editing.

Last year, Couric produced a documentary film on firearms and violence in the United States, for which she asked a group of members from the Virginia Citizens Defense League how felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun.

The VCDL members had immediate responses, but Couric deceptively edited them out to make the members appear speechless at the question. Luckily, the VCDL was wise enough to bring their own recording equipment and showed what really happened. Couric is now being targeted in a lawsuit for defamation by VCDL.

6. Barack Obama saying it’s easier to buy a Glock than a computer or a book.

Geez, where do I start with this? Illinois Gun Owners Rights noted that in Chicago, there are 80 libraries, 95 public schools, and 92 private schools. Yet there are zero gun stores.

The implication here is that it is easier to get a several-hundred dollar firearm on the black market than it is to get a simple book. That’s incredibly fallacious and disgraceful.

5. Charlie Rangel’s claim that he deserves protection but his constituents do not.

“Guns for me but not for thee” seems to be a common attitude among liberal politicians.

They blast the rich for not paying their fair share whole taking advantage of every tax loophole available. They lecture us on climate change as they fly around the world on private jets. They tell us that their policies will be worth it if they “save just one life” – yet support abortion.

When asked about law-abiding residents of his own district carrying for self-protection, he said absolutely not. But when asked about the fact that he’s protected by guns, he laughed and laughed and said that “it’s a little different, I think we need to be protected down here.”

What an elitist scumbag!

4. Michael Moore’s claim that standard AR-15 ammunition is banned by the Geneva Convention.

Except the Geneva Convention doesn’t regulate ammunition. End of story.

3. Gersh Kuntzman’s pathetic report of firing an AR-15.

This reporter for the New York Daily News set out to prove that the most popular sport rifle in America is the most dangerous thing ever, even going as far as saying that it felt like a bazooka.

But all that his report proved just how pathetic a man in the 21st century can be.

In fact, a seven-year-old girl proved to be stronger and more competent than Kuntzman.

And he wants us to take him seriously?

2. Barack Obama’s claim that he never said he wanted to confiscate anyone’s guns.

He claimed that he never references gun confiscation from law-abiding gun owners, but that is once again a lie. He referred to the model of Great Britain and Australia as a model form of gun laws that our nation should adopt.

The catch? That means confiscation folks, because that’s exactly what those nations did.

Not to mention the fact that his administration issued a new rule which would prohibit certain senior citizens from being able to own and purchases firearms if their Social Security checks are managed by a third party.

1. The No Fly, No Buy.

Oh man, this was a rather ridiculous story that we had to cover last year. I wrote extensively on it.

The basic idea is that the federal government would use the (already egregious and unconstitutional) No Fly List to deprive Americans of an enumerated Constitutional right without any due process of law. How fascistic!

As I wrote last year:

It is especially important that there never be a “No Buy List” as it is now being dubbed. The idea of such a secret list, like the No Fly List, should terrify anyone with a shred of concern for their rights (or with sense). What will inevitably happen with such a list amounts to nothing less than bureaucratic oversight of a Constitutional right, a complete 180 degree turn from the Constitution’s design.

The rights of the citizenry are not up for debate with the masses; but they are especially not to be doled out or revoked by the whim of a bureaucrat. Let’s take a look at the issues that this presents.

First, this is a Second Amendment violation, no doubt about it. Preventing a law-abiding person from buying a gun in almost any situation is a dangerous precedent. It leaves the discretion of rights up to the State, and fundamentally flips the separation of powers so critical to the republican system of government.

Second, and arguably even more important, is that this violates the Fifth Amendment, the right to due process of law. Under this proposal, anyone on the No Fly List would not be able to buy a gun; ostensibly a good thing. However, when you understand how the No Fly List works, then the problem becomes known.

The media’s approach to this issue was basically saying that if you oppose this bill, then you want terrorists to have guns. What a load of sophistry and shameless fear-mongering. And these people say that they are going to protect us against criminals once they arbitrarily deny us our rights? You’ve got to be kidding me!

There were plenty of truly outrageous things that the Left said about guns in 2016. This is a list of just 10. Are there any others that you would add to this list?