FBI Releases October Background Check Numbers…It’s HUGE


Hillary Clinton, Obama and many others on the Left continually push the false narrative about “gun violence” being a huge problem in the United States. HINT: It’s not, other than in places with strict gun control laws like Chicago and Washington D.C.; and even then, it’s a people problem, not a gun problem.

Every time these hoplophobes open their mouths to push more gun control against law-abiding citizens, it seems they create more gun owners and more 2nd Amendment supporters.

The FBI has published their latest background check statistics and it seems the best gun sales people ever (Democrats, Michael Bloomberg and his Moms Demand harpies, Obama and others) have been hard at work for the gun manufacturing industry. From Bearing Arms:

On Tuesday afternoon, the FBI released the October report from the National Instant Background Check System (NICS). Over 2.3 million background checks were performed during the last month, an increase from 1.9 million in September.

What’s most interesting is the dramatic rise in overall background checks within the last decade. Only 1.1 million background checks were performed during October 2008, and that rose slightly to just 1.6 million background checks in October of 2012.

Many gun control addicts will say “no one wants to take your guns,” when attempting some delusional conversation trying to defend failed gun control laws; but they clearly don’t listen to the political hacks they are supporting.

There have been numerous left wing politicians who say they indeed want to ban certain firearms and Hillary Clinton wants to look at an Australian-style gun confiscation program to rid law-abiding citizens of firearms.

It’s ironic that Democrats demonize the NRA for being gun industry shills when it’s the gun control lobbyists themselves that are actually pushing gun sales across the country. It’s looking like the United States will break records this year when it comes to gun sales.

These aren’t just the same people buying new firearms. These are brand new gun owners who keep hearing that their rights somehow have to be revoked because a few people, out of over 300 million, have used a firearm to commit a crime.

People don’t like having their fundamental right to self-defense taken away by ignorant politicians or billionaires who often have armed security for their own families.

Depending on who is elected next week, and depending upon local elections, November could see a huge rise in gun sales.

Gun control lobbyists built that.