Gun Control Laws Aren’t About Safety, They Are About CONTROL

Proponents of gun control often like to shrilly scream that the U.S. must do something about gun violence. You’ve heard all of their B.S. before – “GUN VIOLENCE IS AN EPIDEMIC!!!” “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!?!?” “WE MUST PUT MORE GUN CONTROL INTO PLACE TO STOP MASS SHOOTINGS!!!”

Blah, blah, blah. We already have laws against murder. How are they working out? Criminals who break these laws, which are not only moral but will punish them for committing murder, clearly don’t care. So how is adding more gun control laws going to stop a criminal from violating one of the biggest taboos in our society?

Proponents of gun control know that putting more law into place wouldn’t have stopped Sandy Hook, Colorado, Virginia, or a slew of other horrifying killings that have taken place, because if a criminal is intent on murdering people, he or she will find a way to do it – car, van, knife, bomb – we’ve seen it all at this point.

So, what’s their real reason for wanting to put more gun control into place? The Federalist’s Daniel Payne explains it perfectly:

So it is with gun control: liberals propose these useless laws and regulations not in an attempt to honestly curb gun violence but rather in a long-form attempt to pass other laws down the road. It will be much easier to ban large classes of semiautomatic rifles, after all, after five or ten years of banning scary-looking AR-style “assault weapons.” It will be far easier, too, to sharply restrict firearm purchases after a decade of regulating ammunition sales, the latter of which will soon begin in California.

This doesn’t have to be some grand conspiracy theory or dark, shadowy intrigue. Gun controllers are not stupid. They understand long-form political action as well as anyone. They do not like guns and they are more than patient enough to play the drawn-out politics necessary to curtail American gun rights.

Of course, Americans have finally woken up to the games gun controllers are playing, and have been fighting back. More states now have Constitutional Carry than ever before. Grassroots activists go up against Michael Bloomberg’s multiple millions of dollars and beat his sorry a$$ on a regular basis. Why? Because regular Americans have figured out the game of the left and gun controllers and won’t back down:

But our Second Amendment rights are too precious and hard-won to allow them to be chipped away by slow and deliberate political strikes. Every worthless gun law passed today will give way to a slightly more restrictive law several years from now, then one more after that, and another after that. Gun controllers are welcome to play this game, of course. But we should be prepared to head them off as early as possible. They understand the stakes, and they understand how to get what they want. So should we.

Second Amendment activists know the stakes and have been working hard to make changes. Don’t believe it? Take a look at this amazing map below: