Gun Permits May Soon Come With a New Warning Label

Ever hear the phrase “this is why we have a warning label on shampoo bottles”? Well, prepare yourselves to see warning labels for things that everyone with two brain cells knows are dangerous: firearms.

That’s right, the New York City council’s Public Safety Committee has voted 6-1 to require a warning label on handgun and long gun permits warning of the dangers of firearms. As if all of the warnings that already come in the box of every single firearm, not to mention pure sense, weren’t enough to remind adults that firearms can be dangerous.

The New York Post reports that if the proposal is enacted, written warnings would be required for all permit applicants, that they be shown in writing that *gasp* guns can be dangerous!

“Just like the [Surgeon General’s] warning that you see on the side of cigarette packs have changed the perception of smoking, these gun warnings are the first step to changing the public’s conversation,” said Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson, a co-sponsor of the bill.

“We would be one of the first major jurisdictions to enact this type of legislation.”

Under the current system, the NYPD already hands applicants reading materials outlining federal, state and local gun laws.

The full Council is expected to vote on the bill as early as Tuesday.

The committee also approved two resolutions aimed at curbing gun violence, including one telling Congress the city opposes federal legislation that would allow gun license holders in one state to carry weapons into another state.

Knowing how New York City operates, this will pass. Everyone who wants to apply for a firearms license (an infringement in the first place) will now be treated as even stupider than the city government thought they were before. A person who wants to buy a firearm for personal protection will now be assumed to be too stupid to understand that a firearm can be dangerous.

Do we not have enough fear-mongering going around to convince us that a firearm is dangerous? It’s one of those self-evident truths (unless you’re a Hollywood actor in a movie, where there are different rules for them and for us).

So when a New York City resident heads down to One Police Plaza to apply for a firearms license (just to own, not carry; forget about being able to legally carry a handgun in NYC, unless you have connections to the political class), they will be met with even more condescending bureaucracy and nanny-Statism.

Liberty and personal responsibility are anathema in New York City. Everything must come with a warning label. No one can ultimately responsible for their own safety out of the home. “That’s what the police are for,” said the liberals.

Right, the same police they will, just a few minutes later, say are waging a murderous war on black men because according to them, all cops are pigs? What a sick disconnect.

But not only will the city council mandate warning labels, they also oppose concealed carry reciprocity. Forget the fact that people with concealed carry permits are the single most law-abiding demographic in the country, even more so that police officers.

No, apparently anyone with a carry permit may suddenly snap and turn into a terrorist as soon as they cross over an artificial line. Where they carry a handgun without issue much of the time in their home state, they suddenly will turn into murderers when they cross into New York City.

And these people want to be taken seriously? Remind me never to go back there again.