Gun Store Creates Jihadi Proof AR-15

With so many fabulous choices in styles of rifles, gun makers are always coming up with new marketing ideas for sales.

Spike’s Tactical is no different. They have come up with a brilliant marketing ploy on one of their AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles. (I had to add that in case a gun controller reads this so they know it’s not a machine gun.)

On to the firearm porn:

Spike’s Tactical created a balanced reliable rifle that would bring an excellent fighting rifle to people of all abilities and resources. The every man fighting rifle.

We named it Crusader and engraved Psalm 144:1 on the lower receiver to hoist the flag of our faith and to make a statement, reminding our customers that we are with you. The war is here. We have a duty to defend our homeland and our way of life.

Of course, this may upset the Christian religious bigots on the left who are usually also gun controllers. SCORE!