Guy Gets Pulled Over For Speeding; Reveals He’s Carrying; Then The Cop Does THIS…


One of our readers in Canton, Ohio was admittedly speeding after being pulled over by a police officer.  

The man who was pulled over also happened to have a concealed carry permit so he informed the officer of that as well.  

Well, a funny thing happened.  

The officer was actually happy that the man was practicing his fundamental right to self-defense.

The officer actually told him that it was getting more violent out there so it was good the man was protecting himself. The officer also let the driver off with just a warning!

Watch the video of the encounter here:

While many police officers do indeed want more law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, it’s not often you see or hear it first hand.  

The officer understands that the world is getting crazier and cops can’t be everywhere when they are needed the most which is why he’s happy a private citizen is protecting himself.