Here’s How The Left REALLY Feels About Crime And Guns

For all their big talk about being tough on crime, leftists prove time and time again that they can’t be trusted with control of America’s criminal justice system, especially when to comes civilian ownership of guns.

They’ll tell you that guns are America’s number one problem and that the only solution is to ban them, or tax and regulate them out of existence. They’ll say there simply aren’t enough laws on the books to deal with gun crime and there must be more.

Then Quinntez Woodson comes along.

Woodson is a 19-year-old Californian. He committed a serious crime involving a gun and was facing some serious jail time.

But because Woodson is poor and black, leftists – led by a supportive media – argue that he should go free, or have his charges reduced.

I’m guessing if Quinntez Woodson was a white kid, there wouldn’t be such an uproar, but that’s Race in America, right?

Woodson, 19, was in the passenger seat in a car that was pulled over in what Slate calls a “routine traffic stop.”

“According to court records,” they write, “Woodson fled when officers approached the car. While trying to evade the cops, he threw an object wrapped in a red bandanna under a car. The officers later recovered that object: a loaded, illegal firearm.”

So – this guy was carrying a loaded, illegal gun, tried to flee from police and hide the gun.

As a juvenile, he had a criminal record. Sounds like pretty serious stuff.

Woodson was thrown in jail and charged with several felonies. His bail was $35,000. But because his family is poor, they couldn’t scrape up the ten percent required to get him out – $3,500. So he sat in jail.

This is an injustice, Slate argues. Forget that he committed at least three felonies involving a gun. Ignore that crime with guns in America’s big cities is skyrocketing and don’t bother that nothing emboldens criminals more than lax penalties for crimes committed with guns.

What leftists want you to know is Woodson’s sad, pathetic backstory.

Cue the B-movie reel and get your box of tissues:

In a motion to reduce Woodson’s bail, Boudin explained his client’s backstory. The 19-year-old was raised by a largely absentee mother and a grandmother addicted to crack cocaine. At age 11, his mother was incarcerated. Woodson spent the better part of his teens living in shelters, on friend’s couches, the streets, and eventually in a group home. He has had run-ins with the law, starting at age 12, but legally that shouldn’t be counted against him now, Boudin argued. In all respects, Woodson was in the most stable position he’d ever been in. He was attending regular meetings with a social worker, was enrolled in school, and had two jobs, one at Walmart and another at an agency that provided professional training and support for former foster kids. Despite all this, the judge didn’t budge. It’s rare for a judge to go against a prosecutor’s recommendation in gun cases, Boudin explained.

And that’s what it’s all about for the left. Ignore the law: If you’ve got a good story, that trumps your crimes. If you’re poor and black, you deserve special treatment.

Giving a special break to black kids with criminal records who commit gun crimes, but go after law-abiding gun owners because they pose an imminent threat?

That’s the world that the Left lives in. Welcome to it. You’re going to enjoy it, or else.