He’s Baaackkk. Fraudster Shaun King Wants To BAN White Men

After the Virginia shooting today, left-wing fraudster Shaun King started tweeting out lunacy about white men. 

King is the former Black Lives Matter activist who believes that terrorists in the U.S. are mostly white, Christian males. Of course, that isn’t true, but the truth never stops leftists from pushing their insanity onto others. The latest shooting has prompted King to claim that banning white men will somehow reduce mass shootings:

Of course, King’s own parentage has come into question and he may just be the male version of Rachel Dolezal, so it’s odd he’d want to ban his own self.

What King and his ilk can’t grasp is that humans have been violent since the beginning of time, long before firearms were ever invented. He is indeed correct that the majority of those who commit acts of violence are men, but violence doesn’t care about race. King would know that if he actually cared about the black lives that are lost every day in places like Chicago and Washington D.C., but those lives don’t fit his narrative.

The Washington Times reported on this earlier today:

Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King used an attack on congressional Republicans early Wednesday morning to suggest a theory for reducing mass shootings — banning white men.

“I’d like to take a quick second to break something down regarding this awful shooting in Alexandria, Virginia,” Mr. King wrote as part of a series of tweets. “I continue to say that if America wanted to drastically reduce mass shootings by way of a human ban, white men must be banned first. Of course, I am against banning any group of people, but factually speaking, banning white men would drastically reduce mass shootings. But, what you and I know, is that American safety is not really a priority to conservatives. They play games & political football with it.”

In King’s racist idiocy, he doesn’t quite grasp that conservatives are the only ones who are for American safety, which is why they push for Americans to be able to practice their 2nd Amendment rights.

If there weren’t good guys with guns at the baseball field today, many more would have been hurt or killed. Luckily, Capitol Police were able to stop the left-wing lunatic before he did more damage.

Everyday Americans don’t have armed security. Everyday Americans, like those in the inner cities of Chicago and Washington D.C. who aren’t allowed to protect themselves, are victimized by gun control addicts who enable criminals to commit crimes of violence at will because their victims are left helpless.

Everyday Americans, people King apparently hates, don’t have a cop protecting them at their doorstep and in public. King wants to make these people more vulnerable by increasing gun control.

King, like all anti-2nd Amendment activists, cares nothing about Americans and everything about pushing an agenda that has already proven to be a failure wherever it’s been tried.