House Votes to Repeal Obama Veteran Gun Ban; Bill Now Heads To Senate

Republicans on Capitol Hill are rolling back Obama-era legislation to give veterans their Second Amendment rights back!

The new bill would change the process for determining who maintains–and who loses–their right to bear arms. And it has already been passed in the House of Representatives.

So what was the process before and how might it change if this bill is successful?

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

The Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act would change the process the VA uses to determine which of its beneficiaries are mentally incompetent in a way that disqualifies them from owning firearms. The bill would require a finding by a judge or other judicial authority that the veteran is a danger to himself or others before stripping his gun rights.

The bill would roll back a regulation implemented by the VA under former President Barack Obama that required the agency to report individuals who use a representative payee to handle their financial affairs to the FBI’s background check system and ban them from purchasing firearms.

The rule resulted in hundreds of thousands of veterans being prohibited from owning firearms. Ninety-nine percent of the names in the FBI’s database of “mentally defective” individuals were veterans reported by the VA as a result of the rule.

Republicans criticized the regulation throughout the Obama administration as an infringement of veterans’ due process and gun rights.

With Republicans in control of D.C., the Second and Fifth amendment rights of our veterans will be given back and protected–at least for the time being.

If anyone deserves to benefit from the freedoms of living in this country, it should be our veterans.

As Representative of Phil Roe of Tennessee stated, “I strongly believe we must do everything in our power to protect the rights guaranteed to all Americans, especially the men and women who have served, by the Constitution. The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act does just that… no veteran who utilizes a fiduciary will lose their Second Amendment rights without due process.”

It’s an odd (and joyous!) day when legislation must be passed to secure our Constitutional rights again.