ISIS Fighter Urges Followers To Use Our Gun Laws Against Us; Details…

The Second Amendment of the Constitution has protected our right to use firearms in lawful self-defense, but there are evil people in existence, like ISIS fighters, who are seeking to exploit our civil liberty and turn it against us.

A one-legged Islamic State fighter is encouraging Muslims in the United States to use American gun laws to their advantage, to buy up rifles and ammunition and use those weapons to carry out mass-casualty attacks.

The terrorist fighter, known as Abu Salih al-Amriki, sent his propaganda video message titled “A Message to the Crusading Trump” to inspire homegrown terrorist attacks on American soil.

Fox News has more details:

The man in the video, speaking in what sounded like a New York accent, encourages exploitation of American civil liberties and using that to kill Americans. Considering the fact that the Islamic State is largely on the run in the Middle East right now, it’s quite possible that they will disperse and create terror cells in many countries to later carry out mass attacks.

The ISIS jihadist, according to Newsweek, specifically called on fellow Muslims to take up arms against the United States, calling for insurrection.

“Brothers with limbs or no limbs, I challenge you to a race toward gates of Jannah [paradise],” he says.

He also took shots at President Donald Trump as well (because who isn’t do that these days?).

Amriki then turns to President Donald Trump, calling him a “dog of Rome” and accusing him of entering “into the White House on the back of your crusader rhetoric, which the fake media has pressured you to tone down.”

“Your war against Islam has only made your homeland more vulnerable,” the fighter continued in his message to Trump.

Images of the video were published and shared by cyber-monitoring company Jihadoscope on Twitter.

The Department of Homeland Security said it was “aware” of the online threats to American nationals.

The Islamic State has inspired several mass casualty attacks in the United States over several years: a truck attack in Manhattan in November 2017; the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida in June 2016; the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California in December 2015; and several others, totaling about 12 attacks according to Newsweek.

The threat is out there, and we have to be prepared for it. Part of that will involve federal agencies getting their act together and actually enforcing existing gun laws. For example, if the Air Force had properly informed the FBI about the record of the man who attacked the Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, he would have been denied on the NICS check.

However, the Air Force did not notify the FBI of his criminal record while in the military, and he went through when he bought guns. It could have been stopped by a proposal from Senators Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley that would have required federal agencies and the military to report such conviction to the FBI, but the Democrats filibustered it.

Actually enforcing existing laws is of the utmost importance in stopping future attacks. Such will prevent unauthorized persons from buying, but will also respect the rights of those who simply want to purchase for lawful self-defense. Given that these ISIS jihadists want to exploit our liberties against us, we must be willing to use the freedoms we have to protect ourselves against evil.