National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Being Stalled By Paul Ryan

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 is gaining more and more sponsors as time progresses. From the day that Richard Hudson of North Carolina introduced H.R. 38 in the House of Representatives, until today September 11, the bill has garnered 209 cosponsors, including 3 Democrats. However, one man is standing in the way of that bill from progressing through the legislature, and that’s Speaker Paul Ryan.

The bill remains stalled in the House Judiciary Committee where it has been since January; this despite the fact that there is a great deal of support for the bill across the country. As the Second Amendment Renaissance continues to expand its reach, the Speaker of the House is standing in the way of liberty and progress for law-abiding American citizens.

The Speaker’s obstruction was just revealed by Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky. Massie, a libertarian-Republican, has introduced a supplementary bill to protect concealed carry rights in the District of Columbia. H.R. 2909, the D.C. Personal Protection Reciprocity Act, would prohibit the District from enacting laws restricting a lawful resident who may possess and carry a firearm in their home state from doing so in the District.

Massie introduced the bill after the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise and several other Republican lawmakers in Arlington this past summer by a deranged Leftist.

These two bills are coming at a time when millions upon millions of Americans are arming themselves for personal protection. Crime rates have been plummeting for the past several decades, but the constant media attention on crime and terrorism has caused many to take the leap into the world of defensive firearms use.

Unfortunately, while many people live in states that have good laws respecting the right to bear arms, many times they have family in states that deprive residents and visitors of that right. Anyone who has had to deal with leaving their defensive insurance policies at home understands the frustration.

So many Congressional representatives have been working to end this infringement scheme. However, Speaker Ryan is standing in the way.

Why is that?

“Because the timing isn’t right.” Or something like that…

Massie told Armed America Radio that despite many pro-gun bills waiting for action, they are almost all stalled in committees.

AAR host Mark Walters asked why the bills are not moving along.

“Why haven’t we seen movement over either 38 or 2909 since the horrific events in Virginia?” Walters asked, noting the Republicans control the House and the Senate and both Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appear to be blocking bills advancing the right to keep and bear arms.

“You know what?” Massie replied, “The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right. And I think this is the exact timing to bring this bill.”

This is one of the most pathetic excuses I’ve seen, but it shouldn’t be surprising. After the fumbling of the Obamacare repeal, the likely fumbling of tax reform, and eventual capitulation to Democrats on the insane idea of eliminating the National Debt ceiling, I’m not surprised that Ryan is making this excuse.

There literally has never been a more opportune time to enact provisions that protect the right to bear arms. Over 15 million Americans now hold a concealed carry permit, and that number is only increasing each passing day.

Accordingly, the crime rate is also continuing to plummet. As more Americans are ready to confront and thwart attackers head on, those who would do evil are responding in due turn.

So why is it “not the right timing?” I’d say it’s probably because that would involve being true to one’s word, and for a politician that’s the one thing which they cannot do under any circumstances.

The statesmen of this debate are pushing for the right thing, but the elitist establishment is pushing back. It’s time for us to push back against them, and reclaim our fundamental rights from the Washington Leviathan.

The next issue we will have to address after that is the fact that the feds will likely want more control over our gun rights. That must be resisted at all costs, when the time comes.

H/T Ammoland