News Org Conducts “Machine Gun” Poll; BACKFIRES Spectacularly…

A news outlet in New Hampshire got exactly what they didn’t want: unwavering support of the Second Amendment, even for citizens’ ability to own a machine gun.

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, where a lone shooter managed to kill nearly 60 people and wound more than 500 using what reports say was an automatic weapon, the left is frantically trying to convince the American people that more gun control would solve all their problems.

Given that private ownership of fully-automatic weapons are largely banned – or extremely and strictly regulated – the left has turned their attention to silencers (which weren’t used and wouldn’t have made a difference) and whether or not the shooter should be called a “terrorist.” They claim we’re not calling him a terrorist just because he’s a “white male”).

So when the NH1 News Network decided to conduct a poll promoting gun control, they got the opposite response they probably wanted.

The poll asked “There are 7000 registered machine guns in NH. Should there be a law to dispose of these automatic weapons?”

The results were overwhelming, with two-thirds of respondents saying that no – people who legally own these weapons should not be required to turn them in.

Automatic weapons have been banned – or strictly regulated – for more than 90 years. In 1986, the Hughes Amendment made all civilian possession of fully automatic firearms made after 1986 illegal.

Put simply, “semi-automatic” refers to any firearm designed to fire one bullet with one trigger squeeze, then automatically reload the chamber with a cartridge from a magazine and be ready to fire again.

The term applies to a whole range of firearms, from hunting and target rifles all the way up to so-called black rifles that look like what a soldier would carry. Gun control arguments often focus on the black rifles, but the differences between those and any other semi-automatic rifle often are only cosmetic. Semi-automatic guns all largely operate the same way.

Automatic weapons, which are more accurately described as machine guns, are different, in that squeezing the trigger once fires cartridges repeatedly until the shooter releases it.

To buy a fully automatic rifle, a prospective owner must pay the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms $200 and pass an intensely rigorous and invasive federal background check that shows no record of domestic violence or felony convictions. The process can take months, or even more than a year.

It’s possible to modify a semi-automatic rifle to fire like a fully-auto. Some manufacturers make devices known as “bump stocks” or slide stocks, or trigger activators. These government-approved devices allow semi-automatic rifles to mimic machine gun fire.

Bump stocks harness a weapon’s recoil to cause the user’s finger to squeeze the trigger repeatedly, sending out fire at a rapid pace. A trigger activator is essentially a crank or similar device that fits into the trigger guard and depresses the trigger repeatedly. But even with these modifications, maintaining a steady rate of fire is incredibly difficult.

There are other workarounds to allow a semi-auto to fire more rapidly. They’re readily available on the Internet, but they tend to be hard to use properly. Not to mention the fact that semi-automatic rifle receivers are not meant to be used in full-auto mode; the components would soon break down because they are not made for a machine gun’s rate of fire.

What do you think? Is this the debate we should be having right now? Whether or not to reinstitute the “assault weapons” ban? Sound off below and let us know what you think!