No, Democrats; Republicans Did Not Vote to Allow Terrorists to Buy Guns


A recent article published on the far-left site Mother Jones claims that all Republican Senators voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy guns. This is a straw man argument, and a complete misrepresentation of what took place.

Writing for the outlet, Editorial Fellow Becca Andrews wrote:

In a special Senate session on Monday, US lawmakers once again voted down gun safety regulations introduced in the aftermath of a mass shooting. Each measure needed 60 votes to pass.
The Democratic proposals were brought by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who led a nearly 15-hour filibuster last week to pressure Republican leaders to hold Monday’s vote…

Murphy’s amendment sought to close the so-called gun show loophole—requiring background checks universally for gun buyers, including Internet sales, as well as expanding the federal background check database.

The GOP proposals were brought by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). Cornyn’s amendment, similar to one he unsuccessfully introduced last year, required law enforcement to be notified when anyone on the terrorist watchlist attempts to buy a weapon from a licensed gun dealer…

“If they’re too dangerous to buy a firearm, they’re too dangerous to be loose on our streets,” Cornyn said. “Islamic extremists want the American people to trade our liberties and values with fear and panic.”

Luckily, for the sake of our Constitutional rights, none of the measures passed in the upper legislative chamber. Much wailing has commenced from the Left, lamenting the fact that there will not be expanded background checks (even though the Orlando terrorist passed this check), and even going as far as saying that the Senate GOP was literally selling weapons to ISIS.

To which, I retort:

You see, both Andrews and Warren have fabricated one of the biggest lies I’ve seen in a long time; that the Senate Republicans want to arm ISIS (that’s actually Hillary Clinton, but that’s none of my business).

What was really at stake here was not a “terror loophole” as some senators like Dianne Feinstein have spouted, but something real; something that is fundamental to our civilization and the entire Western way of life. And that is:

Due Process of Law.

Why did every GOP Senator, and a few Democrats, vote against these measures? Because they subvert due process of law, and place people on secret government lists that chill constitutional rights without proper criminal procedure.

If someone should be on a terrorist watchlist, that person must be indicted on terrorism charges, arrested, tried, and sentenced. Only then can a person have their rights denied. The Fifth Amendment does provide times when one’s rights cane be denied, but that time is only after due process of law has been carried out.

These secret government watchlists deprive a person of their rights without adhering to Constitutionally required criminal procedure. If a person can be denied a fundamental right at any time by an anonymous bureaucrat, then those fundamental rights are not properly secured.

If rights can be denied secretly and arbitrarily, then they are not rights, they are privileges afforded at the whim of the State. That is not a free society.

THAT is what the Senate chose to reject.