North Carolina Allows Guns In Schools, But Not How You’d Think…

The North Carolina House voted to allow guns in schools – but it’s not what you think.

Gun owners can bring weapons to schools, but only if they’re going to church and the church happens to be held in a school.

House Bill 174 allows guns at K-12 schools that are sued for church services – but only when there are no other school related church activities being held and only for people with already-issued concealed handgun permits.

The bill was requested by a constituent of Republican Rep. Rena Turner of Iredell County. Apparently, a church in her district requested the legislation, the News & Observer reports.

“They’re a very welcoming church – no snakes, no funny business going on,” but some of its overseas missions make members worry the church might become a target for terrorists, Turner told the paper. “They feel particularly vulnerable at their services. They want their security team to be able to protect their parishioners if there should be an emergency.”

Currently, state law bans guns from all school properties with the exception of guns inside parked cars.

The bill also states that schools may post they don’t want guns on their property and people “would follow that,” Turner said.

The bill passed in the house with an 82-34 margin with every Republican voting for it and most Democrats (of course) voting against it.

One of the Democrats, Asheville’s Rep. Susan Fisher said the new bill was “troubling.”

“In general, I am opposed to gun proliferation especially around neighborhoods,” she said. “I think that it really presents a danger. The more guns we have, the more dangerous it is. … This opens the door to all kinds of risks as I see it.”

The bill now moves to the Senate.