Oklahoma Homeowner’s Son Shoots and Kills 3 Burglars With AR-15 in Self-Defense


What happens if you are attacked in your home by multiple suspects? What will you do about defending yourself and your family?

The gun control crowd would tell you to call 911 and just wait for the guys with guns to come and protect you from the bad guys, but that could take minutes when seconds matter. This, of course, could end up with you becoming the victim – dead or alive – depending upon the intent of the criminals.

One Oklahoma family took their self-defense seriously and protected themselves when that exact scenario occurred.  From WKRC:

Deputies responded to the home in the 9100 block of South Clearview Dr. around 12:30 p.m. after a report of a possible home invasion with shots fired.

Upon arrival, deputies found three suspects dead and the two residents uninjured.


Deputy Nick Mahoney said the preliminary investigation shows that the three suspects went to the home with the intent to commit burglary.

“They were dressed in black, all had masks on, and all had gloves on,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney said the suspects broke in through a glass door in the back of the house. After entering the home, the suspects encountered the homeowner’s 23-year-old son, who also lives there. The 23-year-old was carrying an AR-15.

“There was a short exchange of words and then gunfire happened,” he said.

One of the neighbors says he hopes the message goes out to not mess around in their neighborhood.

The homeowner’s son gave a statement to police, but during the preliminary investigation it appears to be a clear self-defense case.

And this is EXACTLY why people protect themselves and their families. What if they didn’t have a firearm? What were they going to do against 3 thugs who had a knife and brass knuckles?

Moral to the story – protect yourself, it’s your right.


You can watch the news story below: