Pat Sajak DESTROYS Self-Righteous Gun Control Loving Celebrities With a Single Tweet

Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune and relatively funny guy, had a message to the ignoramuses who were tweeting ill-informed gun control nonsense in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

He especially took aim at his fellow nitwit celebrities (remember Jimmy Kimmel?):

“Ok, let me explain this again,” he tweeted. “We’re celeb. We’re wiser & more empathetic than you. We are famous. Please take our opinions more seriously.”

Sajak – who considers himself a conservative – has berated leftist celebrities before. He attacked the “celebrity bubble of leftism” that seems to pervade Hollywood. His posts have gained him some fame in conservative circles right alongside James Woods.

Sajak knows from where he speaks. He is an external director for the conservative publishing house Eagle Publishing, serves on the board of trustees of the conservative Hillsdale College and has been on the board of the Claremont Institute.

Here are some more of Sajak’s infamous barbs:

“Looking forward to the next awards show/lecture,” he wrote in January.

“Nobody abhors violence more than Hollywood,” he wrote. “And nobody does more to glorify it.”

Ouch, talk about uber-levels of hypocrisy.

Responding to the Inauguration demonstrations, Sajak wrote: “I wonder if the celebrities who moved out of the country will return for the demonstration?”

“Unhappy about results of last week’s People’s Choice Awards,” he wrote in January. “Thinking of breaking Starbucks windows and trashing limos.”

Lots of game show hosts are outspoken conservatives. Think Wink Martindale, Chuck Woolery and Drew Carey. There’s even Alex Trebek:

“Jeopardy”‘s Alex Trebek has also given to Republicans, though he says that he’s politically independent. Ben “Bueller?” Stein hosted “Win Ben Stein’s Money” well after he was a well-known Hollywood conservative. (The emcee of that show? A younger Jimmy Kimmel.)

The Washington Post reports on this phenomenon of conservative game show hosts:

Last year, in the wake of Sajak’s climate tweets, the Daily Beast’s Rebecca Dana wrote perhaps the definitive piece on politically active conservative game show hosts. “To have the right sensibility to be a game-show host, you do have to have a belief in rugged individualism,” Indiana University professor Olaf Hoerschelmann told her. “Either you make it or you’re not worth it.”

Maybe! But there’s another possibility. Maybe the people listed above are well-to-do, older white men who mostly live in Southern California, which is about as concise a description of “someone likely to be a Republican” as is possible. Oh, and they’re vocal.

After all, there’s some selection bias at play here. Regis Philbin, former “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” host, has made donations to a Republican — and a Democrat. Tom Bergeron, who hosts 42,000 shows at any given moment, mostly gives to Democrats. The late Richard Dawson of “Family Feud” was a strong liberal, as was “Match Game’s” Gene Rayburn. Perhaps there are disproportionately more Republicans in the ranks of former game show hosts. Perhaps there are more now. Perhaps we just notice them more and read into it.

Turns out there are some people with their heads on straight in Hollywood, thought hat number remains extremely low. Do we have any openings on the endangered species list?