Republicans, Gun Groups Vow to Counter Bloomberg’s $25 Million Campaign Against National Reciprocity

It was recently reported that Michael Bloomberg plans on spending $25 million to fight for more gun control and against any national reciprocity legislation that may come up for a vote. 

Bloomberg still doesn’t seem to grasp that the “gun lobby” is made up of regular law-abiding gun owners who are demanding that legislators keep their rights in place and protect the 2nd Amendment as they are supposed to according to their oaths of office. Maybe Bloomberg thought people wouldn’t fight back this time? Unfortunately for him and his failed gun control organizations, people will indeed be fighting back. From the Washington Free Beacon:

Republicans and gun rights groups vowed to counter billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s newly announced $25 million campaign against national gun-carry reciprocity on Tuesday. “We are not going to allow billionaire Michael Bloomberg to buy the Congress,” said Alan Gottlieb, the group’s founder. “Our gun rights are not for sale. While he will spend tens of millions of dollars against our constitutional rights, the gun rights movement will rely on tens of millions of voting gun owners to defeat his efforts.”

The National Rifle Association echoed those sentiments and said they are leading the fight against Bloomberg’s influence.

“Bloomberg will spend anything to curtail law-abiding citizens’ constitutional right to self-protection but what he doesn’t understand is that the Constitution isn’t for sale and his money is no match for the NRA’s grassroots support,” Jennifer Baker, a spokesperson for the group’s lobbying arm, said. “It’s tens of millions of Second Amendment supporters versus Bloomberg’s billions. The NRA is proud to lead that fight. We won’t back down.”


Bloomberg’s organizations have been no match for grassroots 2nd Amendment supporters across the country other than in extremely blue states that already have ridiculous gun control in place. He just doesn’t grasp that the more he pushes, the more regular citizens get involved and fight back.