Sheriff Does The UNTHINKABLE to CCW Permit Holders


Is this even legal?

Concealed carry permit holders in Contra Costa County, California received a surprising and questionable letter in the mail. Their local Sheriff’s department was telling them know that their personal information had been sent to ABC7 during a public records request. While they did comply with the request, they refused to hand over the addresses of these law-abiding citizens, which they were asked to do.

Read the content of the letter below:


The Office of the Sheriff has received a California Public Records Request Act from ABC7 News for the disclosure of all CCW permit holders’ names and home addresses from January 1, 2011 to date. The provisions of statutory and decisional law mandates most information contained in CCW applications and permits are subject to public disclosure. The law specifically allows for limited exceptions to public disclosure include the home addresses of permit holders employed in certain occupations, including judges, court commissioners or magistrates, deputy district attorney’s and peace officers. Names of CCW permit holders are not except from public disclosure.

In compliance with the law, the Office of the Sheriff will soon be releasing your name and city of residence as a CCW permit holder in response to the ABC7 News request. CCW permit holders in the above occupations will not have their city of residence released. The office of the Sheriff has declined to release the home address of any permit holder, regardless of occupation, in accordance with our interpretation of statutory and decisional law.  The Office of the Sheriff understands you may have well founded concerns about your privacy, including release of your home address, and the Office of the Sheriff intends to protect this privacy in balance with its obligation to comply with the law regarding public records. If, in the future, the Office of the Sheriff is in receipt of information which indicates our position on the non-disclosure of CCW holders addresses cannot be legally justified, we will be forced to release your address unless there is a qualifying statutory exception as described above.

Please contact me at (925) 335-1517 or or my supervisor, Lieutenant Nate McCormick at (925) 335-1522 or at if you have questions.


David O. Livingston, Sheriff-Coroner
Peter Enea, Specialist
Professional Standards Division

You have to ask yourself, why is the media asking for names, addresses and cities of residence of lawful firearm owners in an area with such a small number of concealed carry permit holders?

It is worth noting that there are a grand total of 317 holders in the county, 290 of which are held by private citizens. The CCW approval rating of this county is a dismal 17%, according to Bearing Arms, which is sure to put an even larger target on the backs of those who received this letter.

This is definitely something about which Second Amendment supporters should be concerned, and we should absolutely contact both the people listed above, as well as ABC7 and demand to know what they plan to do with the information provided to them.