SOURCE: State Ban on Semi Automatic Long Guns Coming

AR15 rifles on wall

A state-wide ban on all semi-automatic long guns is coming, and people need to be prepared.

There are warning signs that in California, they’re planning on pushing an all-out ban on all semi-automatic long guns in the state’s next legislative session.

Gun Owners of California director Sam Parades said Californians need to be ready for the coming action.

He told Breitbart that the “assault weapons” ban and the “bullet button ban” are part of an incremental move to ban all semi-automatic rifles, whether they’re considered “assault-style” or not.

Speaking with Breitbart, Paredes said the “bullet button” (a special tool-requiring device mandated by California law in place of a standard magazine release) ban comes into effect on Jan. 1, which has led to a rush on sales. After that date, you can’t buy an AR-15 with a bullet button magazine release, but can keep one you purchased before the new year.

Paredes also warned about other issues on the legislative horizon:

“These laws are the tip of the iceberg here in California. We expect they are going to introduce legislation to totally ban semi-automatic long guns in California. They will do this because they know we will come up with a new way to beat their latest ban–the ‘bullet button’ ban–if given time.”

Parades added, “They had a bill for this last year that we were able to kill. We think they will bring it up again and they will also introduce legislation to put in place a one-gun-per-month of any kind purchase limit. This limit will apply whether it’s a handgun or a long gun, in order to try to slow down the sales of guns in California.”

California already has universal background checks. It is impossible to legally purchase a gun in the state without undergoing a check.

Of course, criminals aren’t worried about whatever laws are on the books. They will purchase their guns on the street or through friends or through some other connections.

And on the street, there are no such things as “assault weapons” bans or “bullet button bans,” nor are there any restrictions on how many guns per month a person can buy or whether those guns are semi-automatic or not.