State May Criminalize HALF of All Legal Guns in Response to Vegas

Illinois lawmakers are going full-speed ahead on new gun laws in response to this month’s massacre in Las Vegas. The state legislature is currently advancing a bill that would ban devices that enable a user to fire a semi-automatic firearm at a higher rate, but the way the bill is written could criminalize nearly half of the firearms in the entire state.

The bill, HB 4117, passed judiciary committee along a party lines vote of 7-5. The bill now moves to the House floor for a vote.

The bill would define and prohibit certain kinds of devices that modify trigger pull to make the firearm easier to fire at a faster rate. The bill’s description states that it “Prohibits the knowing sale, manufacture, purchase, possession, or carrying of a trigger modification device.”

The bill also “Creates the offense of unlawful sale or delivery of pre-packaged explosive components.” (Think tannerite, often used in exploding targets, but also possessed by the Vegas gunman in large quantities).

State Rep. Marty Moylan, a Des Plaines Democrat and sponsor of the bill stated that “The monster responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people in Las Vegas used legal bump stocks to turn his assault rifles into machine guns. I am angered that radical gun groups are opposing my efforts to outlaw these dangerous devices and choosing profits over the safety of our families.”

Legislators are once again falling to knee-jerk reactions, the very kinds of things that are designed to restrict a free people’s sphere of sovereignty. The Las Vegas massacre was a terrible attack that wreaked havoc on hundreds of people’s lives, but the solution to such tragedies is not to punish those who are not committing the crimes; such is a complete perversion of justice.

Yet it seems that the Democrats don’t care. They don’t care if it will help or not; they don’t care if only the innocent are punished; they don’t care if they will make millions more people into a criminal class because of their arbitrary decrees that are based in nothing but Statist fear-mongering.

And how bad is it in this case? HB 4117 would ostensibly be a ban on bump stocks, but it is actually attacking anything that involves a trigger group upgrade.

That means the Geissele trigger you just dropped into your AR now makes that gun illegal, and you are the criminal. That Apex trigger you just put into your every day carry handgun now makes it illegal, because you can fire it more easily and accurately.

Did you do anything wrong? No. Did you modify your firearm to function as a fully automatic? No. But still, you’re the one that simply must be criminalized.

It would be so sweeping that nearly half of the firearms in the state would become illegal, according to NRA representative Todd Vandermyde, the Lincoln Courier reports.

“This bill would essentially outlaw, in our estimation, 50 percent of the firearms (in Illinois),” he said. “It would make a criminal out of the vast majority of the 2.3 million FOID card holders for mere possession. This may be a response to what took place in Las Vegas, but the net result is criminalizing a lot of (gun owners).”

Rather than actually purging the streets of gang members, and prosecuting those who actually commit firearms crimes to the full extent of the law, Left-wingers are more concerned with you, the innocuous gun owner; you are the one they must criminalize. Punishing crime is not so much their concern as is further eroding civil liberties.

If you live in Illinois and are a gun owner, it may be time to consider leaving. Like California and New York, some states are literally becoming dangerous for gun owners with the onslaught of laws constantly attacking innocent people.