STUNNING: Look How Many Guns There REALLY Are in the USA


People think there are around 300 million guns that are in the United States. That’s a pretty big number, especially when you consider how little actual homicides are committed with firearms comparatively. Actually, violence with firearms isn’t even a statistical blip on the radar when you consider there may be 90 million gun owners and around 300 million firearms.

There is a new study out that calculates the number of firearms using different data and modeling that may just shock you even more!


A weapons’ history blog crunched the data and pretty much kicks to the curb the long-held trope that there is about one gun per person in the country. More like two.

WeaponsMan, if you don’t follow it (and you really should) has a compelling case for the true number of firearms in civilian hands being much higher than anyone previously spit-balled.

Citing past media, gun policy and trade industry speculation of anywhere from 194 million to 357 million, they did their own research and feel those figures aren’t even close.

“We believe that the correct number is much higher — somewhere between 412 and 660 million,” they write.

You read that correctly – they believe it’s more like 2 firearms per person in the United States. They used some complicated calculations and a different database than most usually use. Please read the full article at to see how they figured it all out.

It’s an interesting number for sure. One that should frighten the gun control crowd because it shows just how many gun owners will not tolerate the extreme measures they seek to take against law-abiding citizens.

The only time new gun control measures seem to get passed around the country is when they are shoved through by a Democrat-controlled state legislature that seeks to enable criminals while creating more innocent victims, places such as Chicago and Washington D.C.

As a result, those places that have the strictest gun control also have some of the highest crime rates.

Places like Vermont and Maine, that have Constitutional Carry, have some of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Gun control addicts and Democrats, typically one in the same despite many actual Democrat voters who are also gun owners, have done nothing but boost gun sales over the past 8 years. That numbers will rise even higher if Hillary Clinton is elected.

It just further shows how out of touch Democrat representatives and the gun control lobby really is with actual Americans.